Best android and iOS apps you must have in your mobile


Let’s agree that mobile applications have enormously helped us making our lives convenient. Not merely that, they have also helped us get the most of our mobile devices. There is a list of must have apps for this year and most of them are compatible with both, your android as well as iOS devices. Some of them have been in the hottest apps list for years, while others have just begun to take up their positions in the list. These are also categorized by the type of program.


Category – Movies and Videos OR Music and Audio

  • Netflix, Hulu, Youtube, HBO Now and Periscope
    In this category, the best apps to have in your phone are Netflix and Hulu for unlimited movies and myriad of TV shows. They have monthly subscriptions with a huge library giving you access to all these shows. The next are Youtube and HBO Now or HBO Go. Youtube, as you know, offers you a world of video sharing while the HBO app gives you access to all the HBO run content on your hand-held device. There is another video app that has made to this category recently, which is Periscope. It allows you to share and broadcast live updates of events happening in front of you at that very instant.

Category – Music and Audio

  • Spotify and Soundcloud
    Spotify is a featured app that allows you to stream any kind of music you like. With this app, you can also make your own playlist or follow your favorite artists. On the other hand, Soundcloud is called the all-you-can-listen buffet when it comes to audio and music.

Category – Social Media OR Messaging

  • Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest
    Facebook is by and far the biggest social networking site and a decent app to have on your mobile devices. You can keep up with you family, friends and acquaintances and see what they are up to or chat with your friends using its Messenger app. Instagram is a photographer’s ideal place. It offers photo and video sharing with great filters. With Twitter, you can get latest updates on any happening or follow your favorite celebrities and see what they are up to. It offers you a hashtag world to make you aware of what’s trending. And finally, Pinterest is where you share creative works, fashion and projects.

Category – Messaging

  • Skype and WhatsApp
    Skype offers you free video and audio calling features if you are connected to the internet. While with WhatsApp, you can send and receive all kinds of media and chats and also make video and audio calling.


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