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3 facts about why before death people see the light at the end of the tunnel?


Most people who underwent clinical death, converge in the memories of a dark tunnel and the light at the end of it, and also that he saw himself from the outside. It is human nature to think the divine explanation of the inexplicable, but in fact, all these pictures are a reaction of our body.

Let us tell in more detail:

1. 🕳 Why do people see a tunnel and light during clinical death?

There is speculation that it occurs because of impaired blood supply to the retina. This condition occurs during times of extreme fear and brain hypoxia (lack of oxygen).

2. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Why does a person see himself from outside during clinical death?

Just to say nobody can, but most likely responsible for this angular gyrus.

And yet this phenomenon is understood by those who happened to sleep paralysis. In this state, a person may be conscious, but without power to move, and hallucinate, including that he was hovering over her body.

3. 👀 Why does all life fly before death before death?

We see a series of events in their own lives because of the activation of the medial temporal lobe. It is responsible for memories and is activated by lack of oxygen.

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