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Become An Author On Sprintally

Dear visitors, you can publish your article on our magazine/website once you become an Author.

Why is this necessary?

  • You want to express yourself, expand your capabilities, your name, and your status, since each article will contain the name of its author or other agreed information (position, other business or social status, or other identifying indexes; however, we do not allow you to put external hyperlinks to our articles without our permissions except “”).
  • You are an aspiring author or copywriter looking to build your portfolio or hone your writing skills.
  • Are you a professional in any field or do you have an experience that you would like to share?
  • You are impressed by our Online Magazine (Website), and you would like to take a direct part in its development.
  • You have something to say, you can no longer be silent, and thoughts require an exit and transformation into a text form.

What types of articles do we accept?

  • The Articles that correspond to the general theme of our magazine/website, as well as specific topics: Animals, Automobiles, Beauty, Business,  Career Guide, Celebrity & Models, Clothing & Style, Computer literacy, Diet & Nutrition, Discovery, Entertainment, Facts, Foods & Drinks, Life & Lifestyle, Lifehacks & Tricks, Relationships & Dating, Self-development, Psychology, Recipes & Cooking Guides, Software & IT, Sports,  Technology,  but are not limited to them.
  • In general, they relate topics to the category available on our website.
  • They are unique, meaningful, carry useful information and strive to fully disclose the issue in question.
  • The minimum size of the article must be greater than or equal to 600 words.
  • Your Article must comply with Google Publisher Policies.

What types of articles we don’t accept?

  • An article that contains plagiarism.
  • Articles of advertising nature or containing any affiliate links.
  • News articles describing events that are rapidly losing their value.
  • On political, religious, medical, illegal topics, as well as topics promoting violence that are sexual in nature or offensive. This list is not exhaustive.
  • Misleading and violating the current legislation of India, the USA, and the UK.

Terms of publishing articles for third-party authors

  • You are the sole author of the article.
  • You give us the unconditional right to publish the article on, as well as to distribute it on other resources following the provisions of the Privacy Policy (if you provide a backlink).
  • The Sprintally administration does not undertake the obligation to post the article proposed by the author, and also has the right to edit or delete it.
  • No author will receive any payment for publishing articles on Sprintally.

What you need to publish

  • Write a good and unique article by following the above rules.
  • Create an account and support ticket to ” “.
  • If approved by the administrator, the article will be published.

We will consider each appeal. If you doubt the correctness of the chosen topic, you can pre-suggest your topic or send part of the text of the article to the support ticket or contact us via Telegram Group ” @sprintally_article