Summer – it’s not just a little life, but also the time, when your beauty seasonal threaten trouble. Calmly: we have easy, fast and economical ways to solve them.

1. The face has sunburned, the marks from the glasses remained

girl with sunglass

Perhaps, the reason is, that the UV filter points higher, than the factor SPF of your sunscreen. Two options: or apply a face cream with a higher protection, or change glasses to less reflective. We are for the first option if that.

2. The tonal base is bad for the face

Yes, and let her. It is better to switch to a class BB or SS-cream. And the complexion is better, and the moisturizing is complete and lies perfectly. You already chose the right one from our list?

3. Forehead and nose shine

Carry paper handkerchiefs with yourself and soak problem areas from time to time. The effect is not inferior to expensive matting napkins!

4. Powder with the effect of sunburn gives a rusty hue

Use only natural shades. If you have fair skin, do not buy too dark powder, especially with copper and gold particles in the composition. The optimal tone – 2 shades darker than your usual powder, no more!

5. Nail polish does not hold well

nail polish

You’re sweating, nail plate and then impregnated, and skin sebum. Very carefully degrease the nails before applying the varnish and be sure to use the base: on top of it, the lacquer will lie flattened and last longer.

6. Dry and crack feet

Lubricate them daily with olive oil, wear soft, breathable shoes and try to  ventilate” your legs more often.

7. Wet circles under the armpits

Apply antiperspirant for the night – so it is better absorbed. In the morning after a shower, use it again. This should help. And do not think, that you zabesh pores and die in agony: on the skin’s surface millions of pores, and everything, that you need to bring – will indicate.

8. There were freckles

In general, they are classy and funny! But if you do not like to be a caulk, wear a wide-brimmed hat and glasses, and apply the most powerful SPF-filter to your skin and update its layer every 2 hours.

9. The sun dries the hair

The longer the hair, the more care is required, so that they do not become a straw. Every day, use a moisturizing shampoo and balm. Remove the hair iron and curling iron, or use thermal protective compounds. And often spray hair with thermal water.

10. Makeup  floats”

beauty problem

Reduce the number of products used to a minimum, combine several products in one: for example, a moisturizing matting primer with a toning effect will allow you to drop the foundation, corrector, and powder.

11. Eyes are itchy and watery

This skin oil blurs mascara. Use water resistant!

12. Shadows roll down on the eyelids

Try mineral shadows or shadows on a cream base, they hold better. If it did not help, put primer under the shadows, he will correct the situation.

13. On the hands and feet poured small red pimples

This keratosis is a completely innocuous thing. Do not comb and not three rashes, just apply them peeling with fruit acid, they will gradually disappear.

14. There was dandruff

If the usual shampoo for dandruff has not helped, you can apply a little lotion with SPF on the head: dandruff can be a consequence of a sunburn!

15. Hair does not hold the styling


Just do not overload them with a huge amount of styling. It’s better to sushi them, throwing them over your face and bending over, so you’ll lift the roots. If all is completely sad, resort to cunning and create a gel with the effect of wet hair. They should not be voluminous.

16. Lips crack

Try not to drink in the sun or use a tube. Well, hygienic lipstick, of course.

17. Eyeliner is always smeared

Try eyeliner gel base, it held up better, than liquid or pencil.

18. On the back there was acne

On the back full of sebaceous glands, constant sweating leads to their clogging and the appearance of acne. Pick up the means for the shower with salicylic acid and in general – take a shower more often.

19. All the shoes are rubbing

If you see a blister, Pierce his disinfected needle, to release the liquid. But do not tear off the skin. If it has already come off, wipe it with a disinfecting compound, for example, chlorhexidine, and clay plaster adhesive. And for the future mind you – has long been invented silicone pads for shoes, which will prevent chafing, and special sprays and sticks for the legs, which are protecting the skin from excess friction.

20. Adult hairs appeared

If you shave your legs, and other types of hair removal do not suit you, give a life hack: instead of a shower gel or shaving foam, use your hair balm as a sliding base. And do not forget to use the scrub before shaving!

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