Autumn is not only a beautiful season, bright and unforgettable. In September, the day may still be quite warm. But do not be deceived: dress warmly, so as not to forgive. On the other measures of prevention of acute respiratory viral infections in the fall, we will tell in the material.

Everyone has heard about prevention, but rarely anyone spends it. You can create conditions unfavorable for viruses.

“Don’t like” pathogens of viral infections

There are about 300 ARVI pathogens, and it makes no sense to determine each time which one caused a cold. The viruses themselves do not appear due to hypothermia. Lowering the temperature impairs immunity. As a result, every year our doctors record 22 million cases of SARS.

viral infections

Start with simple effective measures:

  • Rule number one: Proper nutrition.

Less sugar – more protein. Meat, fish should always be on the table. Be sure to eat eggs. The most useful cereal is buckwheat. Do not forget about nuts and legumes. Well helps to fight the first signs of cold sauerkraut. This is due to the fact that in the representatives of the cabbage family there are substances that enhance the activity of immune cells – leukocytes. This watercress belongs to the same family and, strange as it sounds, mustard. And it should be included in the diet of herring – it has vitamin D, which also plays a role in building a strong immune system. From seasonings, rosemary will help in the prevention and treatment of viral diseases. Seasoning sprinkle meat very well. It will give them a savory taste.

It will be great if live yogurt appears on the table. Two servings a day, and the chances of getting sick are markedly reduced. Useful foods include fiber-rich vegetables – they normalize the work of the intestines, which plays an important role in the body’s immune defense. But it is best to use plain yogurt without additives. All sorts of dyes and flavors are not particularly beneficial, but their immunity is weakened. This yogurt can be replaced by mayonnaise – the main culprit of the appearance of excess weight.

In addition to yogurt, you can use flaxseed and olive oils for salad dressing. They are not only the best helpers of your immunity but also powerful liver support. You also probably heard how the rejuvenating effect of natural oils on the body.


  • Rule two: Hands, feet, head, keep warm.

Wearing scarves. Choose trench coats and long coat, not a short jacket.

  • Rule three: Your hands.

But do not turn hygiene into an obsession, since the main route of transmission of viruses is airborne. Therefore, you can wash your hands no more than once every 6 hours. Otherwise, the skin of the hands may become dry.

  • Rule four: Sea salt rinses the nose.

Buy a salt solution in a pharmacy and use it 2 times a day.

  • Rule five: More walking and more airing. We dress for the weather. Airing does before bedtime.


  • Rule six: Do the charging.

It raises the tone, improves blood circulation and immune defense.

  • Rule seven: Drink healthy drinks.

Cranberry juice and ginger tea are especially good. Always add lemon to tea. You can drink rosehip syrup and its infusion, but it is better to do it in courses.

  • Rule eight: there should be local fruits rather than exotic fruits.

Eat apples, pears, plums, grapes. It is possible, if not allergic, to consume more oranges.

  • Rule nine: Do not forget about garlic.

It can be added to salads and soups. If you work with people, get garlic capsules at the pharmacy.

garlic capsules

  • Rule no tenth: After consultation with a doctor can be drunk adjuvants.

Well, it prevents disease in the fall of lemongrass and Echinacea.

  • Rule Eleven: If your weakest point is your throat, you can rinse it for prevention.

Perfect chamomile and calendula.

  • Rule twelve: don’t sit in the draft, avoid visiting crowded places.

If in a store or public transport someone clearly has a cold, it is better to move away from him. Do not touch your mouth and nose until you come home and wash them.

  • Rule Thirteen: If there are no contraindications, you can visit the bath and sauna.

But it is necessary to accustom the body to high temperatures gradually.

bath and sauna

  •  Rule fourteenth: The best protection from the cold — cotton underwear.

Synthetic does not warm but attracts cold. The same applies to sweaters – choose the options in which the base – wool, and synthetic additives do not exceed 20%.

  • Rule fifteen: Smoking several times increases the risk of Contracting SARS.

And not only ORVI. So it’s time to choose what is in priority – dubious pleasure or health. We recommend starting with the transition to electronic cigarettes. Ordinary make the bronchi and lungs vulnerable to infections, cause burns to the mucous membranes. Chewing chopped ginger is much more beneficial than holding a cigarette in your mouth. Including, for the beauty of the skin and teeth.

It’s interesting

Yet the main cause of the common cold is lack of sunlight. You need to walk even in severe frost, this applies to both adults and children. There is no such frost in our latitudes, at which you need to give up walks. Do not get sick help warm multi-layered clothing. If you add some red wine to your tea, its preventive value will increase. You can use the usual Cahors.

The more you sleep, the stronger your immunity. Ideal if you have the opportunity to sleep in the fall of 9 hours. Who sleeps less than 6 hours a day, 3 times more sick. The author of the study and professor of medical sciences at the University of San Francisco Arik Prather explains this by the fact that lack of sleep has a negative effect on the immune system, weakening the work of such important immune cells for the body.

Viruses and stress

The best virus prevention is to always be in a good mood. In a stressful state, the immune system drops noticeably, and the cold will not take long to wait. People who do not take problems to heart, get sick less often. And if you already have symptoms, the cold still passes much faster than those who suffer from a pessimistic outlook on life and are always dissatisfied with it. Remember that autumn is a romantic time when more time can be spent with loved ones. And most of the problems you will certainly solve. Surviving difficult times can help a psychologist.

Viruses and stress

When you hug a person, he feels social support. This helps not only to deal with stress but also with diseases.

— says psychologist Denise Deverts.

The scientist claims that stress wreaks havoc in immunity. As a result, autoimmune processes may even start. The most common in this group of diseases in women is arthritis. Often it occurs after a viral infection after a stressful situation. But there are other diseases caused by improper functioning of the immune system, for example, systemic lupus erythematosus.

Zinc on guard of health

Some micronutrient supplements can prevent autumnal colds. For example, zinc and iron are very good for immunity. In the fall to sit on diets is not recommended.

Preparations containing zinc have proven their effectiveness: if you take a zinc-containing medicine within 24 hours after the first symptoms of the common cold appear, recovery can be accelerated. But do not take zinc for a long time – it can cause nausea. The effectiveness of nasal nasal sprays that are commercially available has not been proven. It is better to use tablet forms. In addition, zinc supplements are good for strengthening hair and nails, in the treatment of gynecological and urological diseases.

Instead of conclusion

We wish to spend the season of colds, sore throats and pneumonia without unpleasant surprises. If you arm yourself with these simple tips, autumn and winter will bring only joy. At this time of the year, you can relax as actively as in the summer, work productively, walk a lot, communicate. In the rain, you can wear rubber boots, but walking in them all day is undesirable. If your feet are soaked, then the first thing to do when you come home is to remove raw socks.

Be sure to take a hot bath, you can with lemon and herbs, for example, a decoction of sage. Drink ginger citrus tea, lime decoction. Teach yourself and your children to active sports during the cold season. When winter comes, you can master skiing and snowboarding together. In the meantime, enough joint walks and runs in the park. By the way, not bad for strengthening the immune system to do yoga with the whole family. First, master simple asanas, gradually moving to more complex ones. Yoga is the best way to stay relaxed, excellent prevention of stress, and with them, viral infections. Besides, a flexible body is very beautiful.

Instead of a conclusion

As for hardening, measure and gradualness are important here. Do not immediately douche with cold water, it is enough to start with rubbing with a wet towel. This will cause your blood vessels to work hard, the blood will begin to circulate faster, and with it the immune cells. They will quickly detect viruses and destroy them.

Hardening should be carried out in advance, a few months before the epidemic of influenza and colds. In September, you still have a little time to train your immunity. If you have strong vessels, cold will pass by. A contrast shower is necessary in the mornings all year round. You will get a boost of energy, and no flu will penetrate the body’s defenses. In addition, this procedure is an excellent prevention of varicose veins.

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