Slofies: At the presentation, the iPhone 11 and 11 Pro talked a lot about the main feature of smartphones – the camera. The new 12-megapixel front camera True Depth learned to shoot slow-motion videos at a speed of 120 frames per second.

Apple would not be Apple if it had not come up with a name for this: combined Slo-mo and Selfie in one word – Slofie. It sounds very silly, as for me, but in Cupertino, you can see what name the new iPhones will sell.

Why Apple wants to register the trademark “Slofies”

And now Apple has decided to register the Slofie trademark so that other companies cannot use it. Most likely, the application will be approved, since until September 10 this name was not used anywhere.

The company does not need the word “Slofies” itself, but what is meant by this: companies will not be able to release an application with slow-motion video recording on the front camera with the same name – you will have to pay a fine. And the limitation in creating such applications is clear: you need to sell new devices, and if Slofies will be available as an application for iPhone 7, for example, then the purchase of iPhone 11 can be postponed.

We are waiting in the new Xiaomi for a new feature called “SloMoFIes”. Well, it sounds no worse! They also fasten the slowdown, not in 120 frames, but in all 960 to make it beautiful.



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