A few interesting facts about helium balloons

helium balloons

Helium balloons: It is often said that such an inert gas as helium is very dangerous for human health, however, this statement is incorrect. The fact is, such a view arose because people were always afraid of the very name of the gas.

Features gas for balloons

It is Worth noting that gas is a concept far from unambiguous because it means not only as substance but also of the banality of the gas used in domestic gas stoves, butane or propane. In order to maintain a helium balloon in the air should not be pumped into its domestic gas because it should be as easy as possible. The mass of the propane, of course, more weight of air, so the ball will just fall down.

Methane is a gas that is slightly lighter than air, but he can’t even lift up a standard balloon. However, scientists were told that a giant balloon filled with methane, can rise to heaven, but only incredibly slowly.

The main differences between the helium from the hydrogen

To pick up a ball made from foil or latex, in the sky easy only hydrogen or helium. The first gas is a little less weight than the second. High-quality foil balloons will outlast the other, but you must choose high-quality balls, such as in the store, “Gelii Shar” – quality balls, huge selection, fast shipping, as work under the order.

Hydrogen is different from helium and other gases:
– high activity;
– the ability to burn;
ability to explode.

But helium is the inert gas of the type that does not interact with other substances, it does not burn and does not harm the health of children and adults. In order not to get poisoned in pairs, experts from the EU are strongly recommended to fill the balloons with helium or regular air.

How dangerous helium for a person?

Adults often wonder about the safety of helium for the health of their children, since this gas has long been considered dangerous. This gas is safe for the health of any man, and his breath divers before diving to great depths. The fact that the helium mixture for breathing never fully dissolve in human blood.

Another question concerns how dangerous it is to work with a balloon, seasoned according to an inert gas. In that case, if the gas pressure in the cylinder exceeds a hundred and fifty atmospheres, then there are problems because of the violation of its integrity. However, just to break the cylinder will be difficult because they are certified, and no such documents are not allowed to use at children’s parties.

This problem can occur only if people try to break empty or full cylinder with a hammer or drill a hole in it with a drill.

What happens when helium balloons burst in the room?

Parents often worry that their children may suffocate if the room will burst several balloons filled with helium. Thus it was proved that this gas does not cause allergic reactions, it refers to safe inert gases.

The fact that the gas from the bursting of one or more balls will fly up and evaporate quickly from the room through the slits in the ceiling. If a person decides to have some fun, he can inhale the gas from the bulb and not worry about consequences, but just keep in mind that a large amount of helium in the lungs can lead to migraines.

Helium balloons explode, so close to the cylinder can smoke, but the bulb latex can burst, but no flames.

Security helium balloons for kids

Parents are constantly wondering how safe helium in the balls for toddlers, preschool or school age. According to some countries standards, helium balloons not valid on holidays for kids under the age of three years.

This limitation is not related to harm or latex helium shell of the ball, just all the details the child tries by heart. It is most likely that the kid will take the ball off the floor and try to bite, despite the unsanitary conditions.

So, it is worth noting that almost all materials used in the manufacture of helium balloons or pumping gas, harmless to the human body. The balls are unsafe in that case they may break and scare a small child.

The three-year will be incredibly happy if will get a bright ball with a picture of your favorite cartoon characters filled with helium and wrapped in foil. The fact is that milk teeth can’t bite through thick material, and damaging the foil, certainly will not work.

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