9 best wallpaper website scripts in the market

wallpaper website

The wallpaper website scripts is an image platform that can provide an avenue for the management of wallpapers in the most professional way, a wallpaper script can easily allow you to highlight a unique theme.

The wallpaper script has to do with an image gallery answer that can allow one to collect as well as to organize and share your wallpaper with your friends and family. Through the help of the internet, you can be able to upload as well as to access your photos at any of your convenient time on any computer. When it comes to the world of wallpaper gallery software, wallpaper script sets the space; there is no close rival to it.

The wallpaper website script is used by thousands of people worldwide for sharing and showing their images to the world. It has features such as comments, wallpaper bulk uploading, tags, multiple user accounts, sorting, user registration, gallery statistics, automatic thumbnail creation, unlimited photos, and unlimited galleries.

There is a lot of wallpapers website on the market that is offering his services to people. Creating a very unique and attractive background on your website could just be an avenue for you to have a breakthrough in business, a lot of people are attracted to the designs that you can displace on your site, so when thinking of making a good source of income on the internet, you need to make your site to be one of the top 9 wallpaper websites in the market to make a wave. Below are some of the best wallpapers websites in the market

Here are the 9 best php wallpaper scripts in the market:


This is one of the top open-source for the gallery as well as photos, it is a simple but very powerful tool that you can use to share your gallery with your loved ones. You can download the script from here

Veppa wallpaper script:

This is also a simple PHP wallpaper script, which has too many features like user management, comment section, Ratings, etc. You can download the script from here.


AVscripts has all the features that a typical wallpaper script should have. This script can be used for any resolution of images. You can attain this script from here.

Wall script:

This is a wallpaper script for social media websites. It comes with a well built UI and responsive Interface.

Wallpaper Script:

Wallpaper script provides you a professional platform, to manage your wallpapers. You can see the demo here.


It is a fast and unique wallpaper script, which can run on any platform with a minimal amount of memory. You can see the demo here

Open source wallpaper:

This is a full-featured wallpaper website, it only takes some little time to set up and start earning some cool cash

PHP Chameleon:

It’s a PHP script that helps you to maintain a website for wallpaper hosting and helps your visitors to download or view the wallpapers. You can view the demo here.


Helps yours another awesome wallpaper script, which can be integrated with AWS, Dropbox, Facebook, etc. This script has many unique features that others don’t have. You can buy this script from here.

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