8 Rules for long distance relationships

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Couples rarely addressed in long-distance relationships consciously, more often, it is a necessary measure. The reason why the lovers are in different cities can be a study, circumstances at work, family situation. But if you decide to keep your feelings when you are far away from each other, have to face several trials and with dignity to overcome them.

These are the rules for long-distance relationships

Not to succumb to temptations

The temptation will follow you every step of the way. The lack of attention, affection, and closeness of a loved one can provoke partners to find solace in the arms of others. In order to protect themselves from such risk, avoid places of entertainment, noisy companies, close communication with the opposite sex, especially for drinks.

To set the rules of communication

Agree in advance with your partner how you will communicate: phone, Internet, letters. Define to get in touch on certain days and times to establish stable communication and not to provoke tensions.

set the rules of communication

Not to be Intrusive

Your remote communication needs to be regulated. Do not go too far and don’t try to devote all of your time. In addition to the calls, each of you should have your own life, obligations, and urgent matters. Don’t swallow all the time and attention of his beloved to maintain contact. It may quickly get boring. Do not have to respond to all calls and SMS at the moment. Should remain a private space, albeit virtually.

To be honest with each other

At a distance, the risk of being misunderstood increases significantly, so do not leave a place for innuendo and silence. Always openly discuss all that you have at heart and in mind. Share with a partner their experiences, worries, discontent. It will not give him a chance to think out something myself and make the wrong conclusions.

be honest with each other

To come up with topics for communication

Eventually, when both of you will suck the life, the topic of conversation in the distance runs out. To avoid any awkward situations when you don’t have anything to talk about, please think over the topic for chatting. Look for points that can be discussed with loved ones, to maintain interest in each other.

Keep common interests

To stay on the same wavelength as your beloved, don’t lose your common interests. Watching the same movies, read the same books, websites, follow the news on the topics you share. This will allow remotely to maintain contact and interest in each other.

Keep common interests

Not to sort things out via SMS

Never present your claim in writing – there may be misunderstandings. If there are issues, tell them personally in a communication session via messenger or by phone.

Not to let emotions take the upper hand

In a long-distance relationship, emotions are unstable partners. Feelings of love, joy, loneliness, jealousy, resentment can replace each other with lightning speed. Prepare for this mentally and learn how to control your mood, not allowing them to spoil relations.

Not to let emotions take the upper hand

And remember that the separation from a loved one is only a temporary measure, you need the dignity to survive and wait it out. If you follow these rules and remember the feeling that your relationship with your partner, all difficulties can be overcome without loss. And the experience of long-distance relationships afterward will seal your Union in the future.

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