My uncle was a pilot and always said: “Flies and flight attendants fly, and we work.” But if you also think that flight attendants have easy work, then you are wrong. Here are interesting facts about the work of flight attendants from the story of Mary.

1. About duties

“So you probably think that the flight attendant’s job is to smile and deliver food. Outside, this is how it looks. equipment. ”

2. About discipline

“Three lateness at least for a minute for the whole career – dismissal. If you are sick, you should be warned not after the fact, but at least 4 hours before the flight. either take a sick leave or this is one of three late arrivals. ”

3. About working day

“I wake up in the morning, at 3-4 o’clock. Departures are usually early, and I have to be at the airport 2 hours before departure by train. Plus, it is better to be beautiful there, that is, with makeup and hair. You should not be late in any case.”

4. About landing

“When a flight attendant stands at the entrance with his hands behind his back, there is a counter, he must be pressed. Then the number of clicks on the scoreboard is compared with the number of tickets. I haven’t had any discrepancies, but we know they happen. Once I came to my friend a grandmother who flew another flight. ”

5. About complexity

“The most difficult thing in it is working with people in non-standard conditions. Closed space, low pressure, oxygen starvation – this all affects a person. Some passengers become more irritable and aggressive. Often you need to sit and smile. It happens that we are almost up to takeoff we sit and hold the passenger by the hand: for many, tactile contact is very important. ”

6. About emergency situations

“In emergency situations, we work as rescuers, for this, we also undergo training, including psychological ones. If something happens, we will be scared internally, of course, but you will not notice. And we will still be able to think soberly. Most likely. actions with the flight crew, with the pilots. “

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