5 Types of men you should not mess with

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There are types of men that beautiful sound and look. And it seems that life is just so glamorous! But in fact, it may be only a mask or a beautiful shell, behind which lies a whole mountain of pitfalls. Then don’t say that you weren’t warned.

These are the 5 types of men you should not mess with

Adrenaline maniac

Adrenaline Maniac

He jumps with a parachute, sails are engaged in mountaineering and other extreme kinds of outdoor activities. He has six dice on his stomach and relief biceps. But you can make him happy only by being a perpetual motion machine, like him. He does not like to sit on the fifth point and will not let you do this.

But this is only the beginning. When he is under 40, he will participate in marathons that will lead to triathlon and even to international competitions of The World Triathlon Corporation in Hawaii. Yes, it means a trip to Hawaii. But do not think that you will be able to soak up on the beach under palm trees with a cocktail in hand. Instead, you will have to cheer him up from the podium. Are you still having fun?

Good boy (but with resentment)

Good Boy (But With Resentment)

He makes fun of the “types who are trying too hard” to look like “their boyfriend”, dressing up boldly. But he has one little dirty secret: he spends as much time going through his wardrobe, like those more conscious dandies whom he condemns. Under the appearance of an ordinary nice guy, there is a calculating grumble with an Oedipal complex. Sitting in a bar, he wonders: “And what did she find in this type? One day she will come to his senses and find himself a nice guy like me! ”The truth is that he is so busy with his lack of demand that you just cannot miss him.



He drives up to the club on Cadillac Escalade and sits in the VIP sector, ordering alcohol in the morning until morning with bottles. Although at school he was a poor student, now he has only five on the part of small conversations here and there, and mentions of casual big names. Yes, this is Casanova in a motorcycle helmet. But out of it oozing trouble. In order to do all this with a deadpan look, great confidence is required. And he got used to it. He will drown you in attention and care, but you will be far from the only one in this pool.

Hard worker

Hard Worker

He is always dressed with needles because he is with money. Easy: this cash flow is not easy for him. He works tirelessly before dawn, then he weakens his tie and comes off as if tomorrow will never come. But, unfortunately, tomorrow will come earlier than in three hours. And the little time that he will have for you, he will share with his iPhone. The bitter truth is that money is the love of his life, and you only got the fate of a mistress … or a second mistress, because, most likely, he not only handles data with his secretary …

Sole of company

Sole Of Company

He likes everything, he knows many people and he finds a common language with everyone. It is not difficult for him to fall in love with all your girlfriends and enchant all his relatives, including the old, greasy and angry munchkin, who usually hisses and scratches even his own ones, being angry at the whole world for its castrated state.

Yes, he is cheerful and sociable, but he is not ready to share his qualities only with you. Usually, he will disappear in the evenings outside his home in the company of his friends or bring them with him “on a glass of beer”, which is also not exactly fun for you, who will set them on the table, clean up after them and endure their rude peasant conversations.

So, before drawing a bright future with an interesting type in your imagination, consider whether it is worth it …

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