5 things that should be included in dry cleaning

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Dry Cleaning

The basis of the durability of our wardrobe. There are things that you do not wash with your hands or in a typewriter, and for this many reasons: either the fabric will crawl, sit down, fade, or the washing will take a lot of time and effort, and the long-awaited effect will never be. We will tell you what things should definitely be attributed to dry cleaning.

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1. Wedding Dresses

Wedding Dresses

Dry cloth of a delicate fabric is a rather complicated process. Returning the original look alongside complicate the decorative elements: lace, embroidery, beads, stones, and rhinestones. If after a wedding banquet on your dress there are a couple of stains of wine, do not rush to get upset. To return along the original purity, take the product to dry cleaning. The technologist will inspect the contamination, assess the complexity of the work and select the best method of dry cleaning. Remember that the fabric of the wedding dress is very sensitive to chemicals, so do not try to eliminate the pollution yourself: even if they seem simple, you risk ruining the outfit.

2. Carpets


Cleanliness in the house is not only an indispensable condition for a comfortable and cozy atmosphere but also a guarantee of your health. Cleaning the carpet at home is a time-consuming and inefficient exercise. Even the most high-quality and expensive vacuum cleaner does not always save from complex pollution. Fatty, sticky stains, traces of wine and coffee by ordinary cleaning do not remove. Use the dry cleaning services, and your carpet will be given a new life without affecting the texture and color. In a short time, you will get a carpet, cleaned of any dirt, dust, and allergens.

3. Toys


Soft toys are a favorite subject of daily games of our children. They quickly get dirty, losing their appearance, and collect dust, becoming hazardous to health elements of the home interior. It is difficult to effectively clean them at home. After washing, the toys lose their shape and color, and if the drying is wrong, the filler begins to rot, thereby multiplying the microbes. To avoid negative consequences and not to send the toy to the trash, take it to the dry cleaning. After the dry-cleaning of the soft toy is over, it will be given for disinfection. After finishing the treatment, the masters will dry the toy, and it will look like a brand new one. The size of the toy does not matter: you can order dry cleaning of large decorative toys that are not designed for games.

4. Fur products

Fur Products

Products from fur quickly accumulate dust, dirt, salt and other substances that destroy substances. The main rule of fur care is regular cleaning. Do not try to wash the mink coat in the washing machine or manually – you will spoil the product. Dry cleaning uses modern technologies and preparations that can make fur soft, fluffy and shiny. If necessary, the wizard will replace the lining of the product and accessories, will carry out minor repairs.

5. Blankets, blankets and bedspreads


Blankets, blankets, and bedspreads are what you need for a comfortable rest, quiet sleep and a healthy atmosphere in the house. Bedding should be periodically subjected to thorough professional cleaning from accumulated dirt, dust and settled parasites. Dry cleaning – ideal assistant in solving problems of cleaning products from down, feathers and synthetic fibers. For each particular product, the masters select an individual approach. Both aquatic technologies and traditional methods of pollution control of various kinds are used in the work.

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