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5 scary creatures that exist on Earth


This is the list of 5 scary creatures that exist on Earth prepared by Sprintally.

1. Toothy squid

Animal teeth similar to the human, it was also discovered not long ago. By the way, this is actually not teeth, lip squid.

Toothy squid

2. Purple Frog

And this species was discovered only recently. The fact is that most of the time the purple frog spends under the earth, leaving only to mate.

The purple frog

3. Pike seadog

This tiny but pretty aggressive fish attacks all who get too close get close to it.

Pike seadog

4. The shoebill

It can reach 1.2 m in length and weighs 4 to 7 kg Wingspan this is a little scary bird 2.3 m.

The shoebill

5. Loggerhead turtle.

This was the largest turtle in the world in length and can reach 1.5 meters, and weigh more than 60 pounds.

Loggerhead turtle

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