Summer makeup: summer is a time of interesting festivals and enchanting emotions. Even in extreme situations, you need to look at 100% or at least 99%. We will help!

The summer season is rich in festivals. It is not necessary to go abroad, because in the USA no less interesting events await us. Cosmetics do not happen much, but dragging a whole mountain of beauty-products is not always appropriate or convenient.

Let’s talk about five beauty-products, which will be enough for you!

Thermal water

Thermal water

Thermal water – water with a high content of mineral salts from natural sources. It not only refreshes and cleanses but also levels tone, mattes, relieves irritation and nourishes the skin with oxygen. This tool can replace tonic for a couple of days! Two in one.

White extruded highlighter

NYX Professional Makeup
Highlighter NYX Professional Makeup Illuminating Powder Duo Chromatic

As without a highlighter? We chose this product for a reason. With the help of the white pigment, you will be able to refresh the view (apply to the eyelid or corners of the eyes), to highlight certain areas of the face and create a beautiful expressive glow on the cheeks.


Mascara Maybelline Total Temptation

Mascara – this is exactly the tool that should always be at hand. No need to take a water-resistant tool, because it is quite problematic to wash it off. Earlier we told how to choose it and what to pay attention to. Bring color mascara with you. This self-sufficient product will add brightness any day, especially at festivals.

Transparent glitter

Transparent glitter are very popular this season. No need to tint or constantly tint the pigment. Choose a versatile color that will refresh your face and add volume to your lips.

Transparent glitter
Lip gloss NouriShine Plus Mary Kay

You can also use biphasic lip oils. They nourish, moisturize and give a mirror shine. By the way, such tools you can apply yourself or on top of lipstick.

biphasic lip oils
Clarins Éclat Lip Oil

Wipes removing makeup

Wipes for removing makeup
NYX Makeup Remover Wipes

In any situation – flush makeup. It will prolong the beauty of your skin. Take special wipes with you or pour your favorite product into a small bottle (10 ml). It’s enough!

Going on a trip, even a mini-trip, we collect a travel cosmetic bag. Earlier we talked about empty bottles and jars that you might need.

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