There is nothing more beautiful, than the health and well-groomed hair. But sometimes even the most competent care is not enough to ensure, that hair looked  a million”. The opportunity to visit the beauty salon every day is not at all, but you want to walk with a beautiful styling. We come to help producers of hairdryers, stylers and other gadgets for hair – every year they surprise us with all new appliances, promising, that this time your styling certainly not differ from the “salon”.

We carefully studied the novelties of popular brands and chose for you the 5 steepest gadgets for hair.

1. Styler Wave And Nourish Lee Stafford

Styler Wave And Nourish Lee Stafford

You know, what kind of styling has become the most fashionable the second summer in a row ?! Of course, beach curls! Different in diameter and thus well  structured” ringlets you easily and quickly create with the help of the Wave And Nourish styler from the brand Lee Stafford. The gadget does not look very ordinary, but the result after the wave will surprise you greatly! From pleasant bonuses: the styler allows to work even with very long hair, putting them in special hollows.

The price is about 53 USD.

2. Styler E-Styler Cotton Candy

Styler E-Styler Cotton Candy

In this device, several useful functions harmoniously coexist: straightening, ionization, removal of static electricity. In addition, just a couple of minutes the styler will help you not only straighten your hair, but also give them volume at the roots. And most importantly, it is very convenient and easy to use, because it looks little different from your usual hairbrush.

The price is about 160.5 USD.

3. Remington Keratin Protect Heated

Remington Keratin Protect Heated

If you have long dreamed of learning to twist the perfect curls – be sure to try this novelty from Remington. With this thermobrush, you can easily and quickly create the most fashionable styling this summer – natural and voluminous curls. The diameter of the brush is 38 mm, so your curls will look very natural – no glued strands  under the ram”. And the keratin coating of the styler will provide your hair with protection during hot styling.

The price is about 75.50 USD.

4. The machine for creating curls BaByliss PRO MIRACURL

The machine for creating curls BaByliss PRO MIRACURL

The brand BaByliss is famous for its hair stylers. But this time, the manufacturer promises, that this gadget will revolutionize the world of hairdressing! With BaByliss Pro MIRACURL, you can curl your hair quickly, and most importantly, without much effort: a strand of hair itself is drawn into the machine and placed in a spiral in a special ceramic heating chamber. After 8-12 seconds you get the perfect curl! Light waves or steep curls – it’s up to you, just change modes and fantasize with hairstyles.

The price is about 225 USD.

5. Styler Braun Satin Hair 7 SensoCare

Styler Braun Satin Hair 7 SensoCare

If you want to make  hot” styling, but worry about the health of your hair, try Satin Hair 7 SensoCare from Braun. This gadget is very  smart”: thanks to the automatic tuning function, the styler sets the temperature, which is ideal for your hair type. How is this possible? Special sensors, built into the plates  ironing”, read the condition and humidity level of your hair. Moreover, during the stacking the temperature changes, so the risk of spoiling the hair, “drying” them, is minimal. Well, and twist curls or pull strands – here it’s up to you. Styler easily performs and then, and more.

The price is about 112 USD.

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