5 most common dreams and their meanings according to the famous psychologist

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Dreams: The psychologist has deciphered more than 150 thousand dreams during his 30-year career. He spoke about the 5 most common themes of dreams, their values and recommendations what to do in real life.

1. 🤸🏻‍♂️ What does it mean when I dream that I’m falling?

The sensation of falling in a dream indicates that you are too fixated on some situation in real life. You need to relax and let it go.

What to do? Relax, trust themselves and others, all naturally resolved.

2. 🕊 What does it mean when I dream that I’m curing?

The ability to fly in a dream indicates that you are freed from the yoke of circumstances that was bothering you in real life.

What to do? Continue to enjoy flying.

3. 😊 What does it mean when I’m naked in a dream?

To be naked in public could mean that in real life you encounter a situation that makes you feel vulnerable and weak.

What to do? Try to open myself to other people and step by step to overcome your shyness.

4. 😬 What does it mean if teeth fall out in a dream?

Your teeth symbolize how confident and powerful you feel, so this is a sign that some situation in real life has your confidence.

What to do? Consider the situation and decide how to get out of it and keep the confidence.

5. 🏃🏼 What does it mean when I dream of being chased?

In real life, there is a problem you want to solve but don’t know how to approach it.

What to do? This problem can often be a great opportunity to do some personal ambition. So implement it and don’t delay the decision for later.

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