Being an employer who hires freelancers to run their business often has difficulties in keeping track of their critical roles in the relationship. There are certain things employers might want to consider to improve their roles as managers.

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Clarify guidelines

It is important that employers clearly state the expectations they have regarding the project and the deliverables to the freelancers. This is to make sure that everything is set from the start so that there will be no problems down the road.

Treat freelancers as team members

Let them feel that they are part of your endeavor. The more involved they are, the more they will respect the tasks you will assign them as well as the deadlines for the project.

Give them autonomy

Freelancers value their independence. Just give them brief guidelines and let them do their thing. They will perform better if you leave them to their own devices to produce the desired results.

Inform them of their performance

Upon submission of work, make sure to provide feedback on how well they have performed on the assignment. This means that you value the work they have put forth and you want to continue the working relationship by letting him improve on some points.

Compensate fairly

Pay your freelancers the right wages. Nothing annoys them more than cheap employers who want work done without paying or paying short of what they have promised.
Follow these suggestions and promote better management of your business with freelancers.



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