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5 disgusting facts about food that you love


Bread is also not all right food

In the composition of various food like bread and pastries meets a component of L-cysteine (E920). It is used for dewatering and loosening of raw materials and, consequently, expedite the proceedings. All anything, but this stuff is made from duck feathers, human hair, kindly provide Chinese hair stylists, or cow horns, dissolved in acid.


The poisonous aroma of popcorn

Cheese puff, many do not like because of the vile smell of socks. And they are right! In popcorn, which you need to bring to readiness in the microwave, contain a substance diacetyl. This is both a synthetic oil and flavoring. Because of him the workers of the factories for the production of popcorn and avid fans of this snack often suffer from obliterative bronchiolitis – channels of the lungs are narrowed, and people can die from asphyxia.

The poisonous aroma of popcorn

From what made our candy?

Shellac is not only a fashionable kind of manicure. The so-called secret emitted by insects lacquer scale insects. It is made additive E904, which is used for example in the shells of jelly beans: so they become hard and shiny.

From what made our candy

The ugly truth about lemonade

Today we will not tell of the horrors of soda pop (and some of them are greatly exaggerated). But forewarned from purchasing a soda at fast food networks with the dispensers. Very often in samples from these pools find fecal bacteria, even if the dispenser is serviced as prescribed. And although experts claim that a small number of these microorganisms is not dangerous for the body, still fun.

Ugly truth about lemonade

What do the chips and detergent?

Part of any bag of chips you’ll find sodium Hydrosulphite, it is also E222. Now read the ingredients on a bottle of dishwashing detergent. Surprise! In the chips is very little that is left of the potatoes, as in the people that manufacture them, there are few humans.

What do the chips and detergent

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