3 Tips to save on repair


Repair. Like many in this word. What stories you will not hear from those who are already several months sleeping on an inflatable mattress.

I don’t know how to avoid swearing during the repair, but I do know how to save. And then maybe the reason to fight will not.

1. Compare prices and read reviews

Don’t rush into the store to buy whatever you like. Take a picture and then go home and study, find reviews on the website.

To save money doesn’t always buy cheaper. Cheap mix the tiles may not adhere. And then you have to buy not only a new compound but also the tile.

2. Do not buy goods in the markets

Yes, there are cheaper, but why? Probably because it’s a fake. And why you shouldn’t buy a fake read above.

If you want discounts, look at the online shops. In offline spots often there’s a surcharge, which is not on the Internet.

3. Repair the whole apartment

The smaller the work the more expensive they are. And even during the renovation of the entire apartment, the team may perform several steps simultaneously.

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