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20 photos of vegetables and fruits that grow in fact are not the way you thought


Do you know where the food comes from? One comes to us from animals, in one sense or another, and the other grows directly from the earth. We are accustomed to buying vegetables and fruits in stores ready-made, without even thinking about how it all grows, and what it looks like at that moment. Today we want to show you 20 fruits and vegetables, which actually do not grow the way you thought all this time.

1. So blooming banana

Banana blooms are, as the name recommends, the blooms from a banana tree. Left on the tree, they would bloom into bananas. Like bananas, they too are edible.

So blooming banana

2. Pineapples

Pineapples grow on bushes! It takes 2-3 years to grow the pineapple from a bush. 
Initially, the bush grows flowers, which later grow together, forming a pineapple.


3. Cashew

Cashews grow on trees. What we call cashews actually grows below the “apple”, which you can see in the photo below.


4. Brussels sprouts

Brussels sprouts grow on stems.

Brussels sprouts

5. Vanilla

In fact, vanilla is an edible fruit from lianas of a certain type of orchids. 
Why is it so expensive? Because vanilla flowers can be pollinated only by certain bees, which are found only in countries of the equatorial belt.


6. Asparagus

They grow straight from the earth with creepy green fingers.


7. Peanut

Everyone knows that peanuts grow under the earth, but few people have seen how this actually happens.


8. Coffee

Inside these red juicy fruits are those same coffee beans that people then fry, grind, brew and drink.


9. Artichoke

Artichokes are close relatives of thistles, which is especially noticeable during flowering.


10. Chickpeas

So grows the chickpeas of mutton, also known as turkey peas.


11. Capers

People are accustomed to eating them in pickled form, but if the buds in time do not tear, then they will open with beautiful flowers, as in the photo below.


12. Kiwi

Kiwi grows bunches and is also known as Chinese gooseberry.


13. Leek

Yes, that’s how the flowers of leeks look like.


14. Saffron

This seasoning is very expensive, because the stigmas of saffron flowers are collected by hand, and it takes a lot of work and time to do this. And they are very light.


15. Carnation

Starting from a pale color, the carnation then becomes green, and when it’s harvest time, its color changes to bright red.


16. Broccoli

If the broccoli in time not to collect and eat, then the cabbage will germinate with such flowers.


17. Black pepper

Peas of black pepper are very difficult to recognize in this form because we are used to seeing it already in the finished version.

Black pepper

18. Almond

Nuts of almonds grow on a tree in a shell. By the way, the almond tree is a close relative of the peach.


19. Kinoa

But the fashion superfood movie is growing so beautifully.


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