19 things that even children have heard about, but almost no one saw them live


19 Things: Despite the fact that in today’s world we have the widest access to information, however, to know everything is simply impossible. Besides, there are those among us who are inclined to believe only his own eyes. Agree, a limitless number of people in the world of things, it would seem, have heard even the children, but to see them live, and had only a few. Today you have a great chance to become the very lucky ones because we show you things that everybody knows, but not everyone in sight!

Here are the 19 things that even children have heard about

1. Have you ever seen a lump sprout?

2.  Nile crocodile hatching from an egg

3. Such a trace is left by lightning striking the ground.

4. The real mask of the plague doctor

5. Seeing the tiny legs of the spider was made possible by macro photography.

6. People captured on a camera with a long exposure of the launch of fireworks

7. Tree, victorious stone

8. A piece of earth that is rarely shown

9. Passenger plane in section

10. X-ray of the head of a hammerhead shark

11. The very moment when the octopus releases ink, feeling the danger

12. So grow bananas

13. A bar in Chicago that was the very first to receive a license to sell alcohol after the repeal of Prohibition.

14. Packed helicopters

15. How does a waterfall change during a hurricane

16. Agate in section

17. A huge cruise ship passes through the Panama Canal

18. So the Great Sphinx looks from behind

19. Shedding Snake

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