12 hot tips on how to flirt with a man


Flirt is games-level interactions between people in which the woman tries to please a man. The man also shows signs of attention, and a ping-pong allows people to express each other’s sympathy, to establish relationships.

A piece of competent information about flirting a little, even less of good recommendations that would help you understand where to move further explore this issue. Therefore, we have tried to collect here all the good stuff on the subject and is interesting and accessible to submit to you.

These are the top 12 hot tips for flirting!

1. Play as children

The best thing about the playing level of interaction was written by psychologist Eric Berne in his book “People who play games people play”. To play according to his theory can, and must, from the position of the child. That is the child, not the Adult or Parent. Through play the Child learns, trains interact, exploring the limits and measures of what is permitted. Also, the game meets the basic needs of the research, study, interest, contact.

2. Define sensual hunger

In the heart of the desire like to attract attention and to flirt lies touch (sensual hunger). Each of us needs a certain amount of attention, attitudes, “strokes”. And an important criterion for the use of flirting is the level of this personal hunger and appetite of each. Feeling the need for “strokes”, tenderness, affection, the person becomes more social and physical, which gives further impetus to the implementation of the “basic instinct”. So sensual hunger helps to play and flirt more confidently and variable.

3. Learn the features and rules of the game

As with any game interaction, flirtation assumes that players know the map and rules. Each individual situation has its own context, but the unwritten rules are simple: knowledge is the ultimate goal, fun, excitement, caution, selecting the right partner for flirting, and their own security, in case something goes wrong.

Learn the features and rules of the game

4. Use subtle energy

According to the metaphysics of the world works on the principle of resonance. What kind of emotional and energetic state you are in, is of great importance to start flirting, both in principle and for the beginning of everything in our lives. Play better with positive vibrations and good mood. Like a boomerang, what you send out into the world, and then you returned.

5. Suck lower chakra

Best flirt women whose all is well with physical and is an indicator of the development of the lower chakras, the Svadhisthana. She is responsible for her physical power and attractiveness, magnetism, energy level, sociability, positivism, and for physical and money. Thanks to the energy of this chakra a person is looking for fun and shows a sexy and sensual activity.

6. Learn body markers

Here is an important and fundamental where to begin is the language of the body and your partner. Well, and in details, it is written in the book, Australian writer Allan Pisa “Body Language”. In addition, to explore how the system works you have a partner, ask someone to work as a mirror for you.

There is a wealth of information about what kind of Arsenal for the attraction you use, as it is rich and varied, vivid, and expressive. And even better, if you shoot with the camera at the moment when you’re flirting. Thus, you will have the opportunity to assess their strengths and weaknesses and correct flirting techniques.

Study body markers

7. Practice speaking silently

The amazing technique that develops “corporeal” speech. It does not matter who you are training – the friend, the friend, or the company, an important one, to be silent and using facial expressions, gestures, and eye expressions to convey a certain message to another. This can be a message of interest, attempt to maintain, to say without words “I love you” or, conversely, a way to define its borders and territory. The main thing in this technique is to hone your skill to speak the body, keeping total silence.

8. The heat of the fire, retreat

Men caught on your hook, turn on the hunting instinct and you have time to play the position of “victim”. Feeling that your charm has worked, move back two steps and let him take the initiative. As if in a dance, two steps forward, and then follow him and his rhythm. If you miss the moment, a mouse in a trap will feel your partner can escape, afraid of pressure, or simply losing interest.

9. Choose a territory

An important condition for successful flirting is the area where you play. It must provide freedom of maneuver, but to ensure your safety in case something goes wrong. Better not to flirt on the male territory, when your freedom and ability to leave is limited by his will and desire.

10. Adjust the distance

Probably each of you remembers the children’s game hot–cold. We will talk about that soon in the relationship. A great philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche wrote that the dependence of the risk retained by the men for life. What is not a tool for making spice and intrigue to your game. The technique to zoom in and out is quite a subtle thing, but if her master, the man will long retain an interest in you, and flirting will get a new key. Well, adjust your distance to people who have harmoniously developed the theme of personal boundaries.

Adjust the distance

11. Consider polygamy

We will focus on the innate desire of men to have many women and his interest in variety and new sensations. As it concerns flirting? Directly is an ever-changing, multi-faceted woman, a man feels alive and intrigued. For this, you need to know yourself, discover something new, to go into his study in-depth, then to generously share with a man. To win the competition only thanks to the work and constant changes.

12. Combine mind and body

The Greeks wrote about the important combinations of the forms of love that come to certain results.

Eros is the soul plus the body. Uncomplicated mind, pleasant, sincere physical contact.

Stroke – mind plus soul. Not very bright, but reliable and serious, sincere friendship.

Ludus – the mind plus body. A pleasant intellectual entertainment equal partners, where there is no mental suffering and liabilities is a love-a game where fun and easy. This is flirting.

Flirting, like any art, you need to learn to measure and you can get exactly what you want – an exciting familiarity, attention, attitude, interest, or still lightweight and non-binding physical. We wish you to succeed in this matter and to discover and male new faces and opportunities.

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