110 hot keys for productive work in Photoshop

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Photoshop: Ordinary Paint is no longer suitable for processing photos and creating images. Its functionality is limited to curly and text inserts. You need an editor more serious, where you can change the background, improve color correction, retouch and so on. Adobe Photoshop comes to the rescue.

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This is the best editor among the existing ones, the founder of Photoshop. In principle, it was with this program that Photoshop began. However, work in the editor is both creative and routine. To save time and nerves, let’s talk about 55 combinations and hotkeys in the program.

Please note that hotkeys do not work on all versions, so if some combinations do not work, update the program to the latest version.


Action Keys
Dynamic contrast Ctrl + Alt + Shift + L
Autocon Ctrl + Shift + L
Inversion Ctrl + I
Curves Ctrl + M
Discoloring Ctrl + Shift + U
The size of the image Ctrl + Alt + I
The size of the canvas Ctrl + Alt + C
Levels Ctrl + L
Color balance Ctrl + B
Hue/saturation Ctrl + U
Black-white Ctrl + Alt + Shift + B


Action Keys
Archival brush Y
Quick selection W
Outline A
Horizontal text T
Gradient G
Brush B
Lasso L
Eraser E
Scale Z
Clarifier O
Moving V
Pen P
Pipette I
Camera N
The rotation of the object K
A rectangular area M
Rectangle U
Frame C
Hand H
The spot healing brush J
Stamp S


Action Keys
All layers Ctrl + Alt + A
Select all Ctrl + A
To allocate again Ctrl + Shift + D
Inversion Ctrl + Shift + IBack: Shift + F7
Deselect Ctrl + D
Feather Shift + F6
Refine edge Ctrl + Alt + R


Action Keys
Insert into Ctrl + Alt + Shift + V
Insert instead Ctrl + Shift + V
Fill Shift + F5
Cut Ctrl + X or F2
Keyboard shortcuts Ctrl + Alt + Shift + K
Scale content-aware Ctrl + Alt + Shift + C
Menu Ctrl + Alt + Shift + M
Color settings Ctrl + Shift + K
Loosen Ctrl + Shift + F
Undo/Redo Ctrl + Z
Free formatting Ctrl + T
Copy Ctrl + C or F3
Copy the combined data Ctrl + Shift + C
Transform. Apply again Ctrl + Shift + T
Installation main Ctrl + K
Step forward/backward Ctrl + Shift + ZBack: Ctrl + Alt + Z


Action Keys
Cut to a new layer Ctrl + Shift + J
A new layer Ctrl + Shift + N
Merge visible layers Ctrl + Shift + E
Merge layers Ctrl + E
Ungroup layers Ctrl + Shift + G
To group the layers Ctrl + G
To copy to a new layer Ctrl + J
Layer on the back burner Ctrl + Shift + [
Layer to front Ctrl + Shift + ]
Layer to shift forward Ctrl +]
The layer to shift back Ctrl + [
Create/Cancel clipping mask Ctrl + Alt + G


Action Keys
Correct perspective Ctrl + Shift + I
Lens correction Ctrl + Shift + R
Plastic Ctrl + Shift + X
The last filter Ctrl + F


Action Keys
Show all surfaces Ctrl + Alt + Shift + X
Hide nearest surface Ctrl + Alt + X


Action Keys
Accessories Ctrl + H
To fix guides Ctrl + Alt + ;
Line Ctrl + R
Show full screen Ctrl + 0
Show guides Ctrl + ;
Show grid Ctrl + ‘
Show the target circuit Ctrl + Shift + H
Warnings. when you go outside of the flowers. coverage Ctrl + Shift + Y
Binding Ctrl + Shift + ;
Real size (100%) Ctrl + 1Back: Ctrl + Alt + 0
Increase/decrease Ctrl + +Back: Ctrl + —
Proof Ctrl + Y


Action Keys
To restore F12
Output Ctrl + Q
Close Ctrl + W
Close all Ctrl + Alt + W
All close and go to Bridge Ctrl + Shift + W
Browse in Bridge Ctrl + Alt + O
Open Ctrl + O
Open Ctrl + Alt + Shift + O
To cancel Ctrl + Z
Print Ctrl + P
Print a single instance Ctrl + Alt + Shift + P
File information Ctrl + Alt + Shift + I
To create Ctrl + N
Save in PSD format Ctrl + S
Save for Web and devices Ctrl + Alt + Shift + S
Save as Ctrl + Shift + S
To cancel the dialog box Escape


Action Keys
Info F8
Operations F9
Layers F7
Color F6


Action Keys
Quick mask Q
Brush selection forward/backward >Back: <
The size of the brush bigger/smaller ]Back: [
Color foreground and background default D


Work in Photoshop for Windows and macOS is virtually identical. The keybindings are identical. The only difference is in Windows you use the Ctrl key on macOS – Cmd.

Hotkeys in Photoshop is not only acceleration but also the ability to use two input tools at the same time while each is in his hand. For example, while the right hand holding the mouse or a pen tablet and draw, and left hand to change the brush size by keyboard, you get the picture higher quality.

To say that the hotkeys are only effective if you are well familiar with them and you don’t need to spend time to remember the right combination and find buttons on your keyboard. It will only slow down the work. But if more practice and not succumb to the temptation to do everything with the mouse, and regularly use hotkeys, the fingers themselves remember the key combination, and work in Photoshop will be faster and more convenient.

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