10 VLC player tweaks you are not aware of


The VLC player is one of our preferred finest free media players. It drives with 100’s of aspects. In this Post, we collect concealed tricks plus tips for the VLC media player.

1. Convert Videos by using VLC

Numerous VLC media player users do not know about this tweak. VLC could change and convert the videos into many formats. Thus, you don’t need to download software for altering Videos.

2. Watch YouTube Videos in VLC

Yes, you recite it right, you can straightly watch any YouTube video in VLC Media player. Beforehand trying this trick on your PC, make certain you have a good Internet Connection to stream.

3. Sync Audio in VLC

If your video’s Audio is not Syncing through the video stream at that time with a little tweak you could fix this in VLC media player. You could even Apply Effects toward your audio and video.

4. Take Snap in VLC player

Various times whereas watching a movie otherwise random video we desire to take a snapshot of it however it’s too time-consuming toward Press Print screen switch then open paint and all that Boring stuff.


5. Use Video as Desktop Wallpaper by VLC

VLC is the Single Media player that could do this for you. You can substitute your Desktop wallpaper by a Video Using none other than VLC Media Player.

6. Record Straight from Webcam

You can record your video chat conference easily using VLC. On the Capture Device screen, you could select the video device plus also the audio device similar to the system microphone.

7. Listen to Online Radio

VLC comprises hundreds of Shout cast radio stations. You just requisite to allow it through Media>>> Service Discovery>>>Shout cast radio listings. Now, open the Playlist as well as browse through the stations.

8. Play Rar Files

Play Media Confined in Archive Files If you have a ZIP otherwise RAR file that comprises a media file, you can really play them in VLC without extracting them. Simply open those with VLC and it would play all of the files contained inside.


9. Subscribe to Podcasts

VLC can be used for stream podcasts, so you do not need any added software if you want to listen toward podcasts on your computer.

10. Download plus Add Subtitle File

If a video you have does not come with subtitles, you could add your own through finding an SRT subtitle file for the video as well as adding it in. To add the subtitle, play your video plus go to Subtitle on the menu bar as well as click Add Subtitle File.

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