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The 10 Most Trusted Dating Scripts In The Market


With the dating scenario moving online, there is an opportunity for cashing in on the demand for dedicated dating websites. Multiple dating scripts are available in the market that makes the task of building these websites easier.

Here are the 10 most trusted dating scripts:

1. SkaDate


SkaDate dating script supports websites as well as mobile applications. The main features it provides are user search including proximity search, matching making, profile building with drag and drop, photo uploading including a cover gallery, and notifying in real-time. It allows user end functionalities to be incorporated including sending private messages, video chat, and virtual gifts.

Skadate SEO capabilities are by default included in the package and so is spam protection. Google Maps are also integrated for location services. Multiple payment gateways and foreign languages are supported. SkaDate even provides web hosting services using Amazon Cloud Servers beginning from $30 per month. The dating script costs $999 for a dating website, $1699 for a mobile app, and $2999 for both.

2. DatingPro Software

dating pro

The DatingPro Software is available for both desktop and mobile platforms. It has functionalities that allow users to search each other, communicate, and build profiles. For the business owner, it allows site management, membership plan management, security features, and spam protection. They also have a DatingPro Network that comprises over 100,000 users belonging to different websites that they are in partnership with which can be accessed by the websites using DatingPro Software.

The packages for DatingPro include a starter pack with basic functionalities costing $299, a business pack with more advanced features costing $999, and a premium package, that has expert services included in addition to features of the business pack by default, costing $2999. A 14-day free trial is offered by the website.

3. VLDPersonals


VLDpersonal is another popular dating software that can help to create a full-fledged dating website. It includes a comprehensive set of features for users as well as administrators. Users can share photos and videos both privately and publicly, chat, network, blog, and send gifts.

Administrators can set membership costs and permissions, manage advertisements, post articles, and send newsletters, and moderate content among other things.   It is available for both individuals and businesses. The personal licensing cost of the script is $199 while the commercial license is priced at $399. The same is currently being offered at a discounted price of $99 and $199 respectively.

4. Dating Script


Dating Script is one of the most reliable and secure of all the available scripts in the market. It is an open-source script, is fully customizable. The script is optimized for search engines by default and protects against spam. It allows users to build highly customizable profiles, share photos and videos, send gifts, and search for other users.

For administrators, it offers a full-fledged content management system that allows a variety of options including advertising, affiliate marketing, bills, and payment support, sharing of news, and sending newsletters and blogging.  Multiple languages are also supported by the script. It gives three purchase options that include a $150 starter pack, a $200 professional pack, and a $250 business pack.

5. Chameleon


Chameleon is a dating script that allows business owners to build a fully customizable dating website with maximum functionality in an easy and hassle-free way. The main features of the applications include searching users, video and audio chat, popularity measurement, and uploading and rating of videos and photos. It provides multiple pre-built templates and simulation of 3DCity.

Widely accepted payment methods are integrated and support for multiple languages is provided. The script costs $247 for a single website and at the moment of writing of this article includes templates as well as mobile applications for Android and iOS platforms for free. Developers can avail of a discount by buying the license for ten domains at a whopping 60% off for just $997.

6. Dating Software +

Dating Software +

Daring Software + is a dating script that facilitates the building of a comprehensive online dating website. The basic vPlus version of dating software allows users to upload photos and videos, give ratings, comment, and search among other things. It even allows the user to build a social networking website of their own.

The website owner can set membership and pricing, manage affiliate network, backup data, control spam, and perform various other administrative tasks. Another version of dating software is also available which is labeled as the adult version. In addition to the features of the basic version, it has some added functionalities. A mobile plug-in is also available which is an add-on that allows access to the website from mobile. The three versions of Dating Software+ are priced at DS vPlus for $495, DS vPlus Adult also for $495, and vPlus Mobile for $199.

7. iCupid

iCupid Dating SoftwareAdvanDate’s iCupid dating script has a variety of features and provides a rich array of options for designing and building a dating website. It supports both desktop and mobile platforms. Functionalities for both users as well as administrators are comprehensive.

AdvanDate Dating Ad Network gives the perfect opportunity for dating websites built using this script to promote themselves at low investment. A website only version of the script is available at $599 while a website and mobile pack is available at $799. An entrepreneur pack that allows unlimited licenses is priced at $999.

8. SoftBiz Dating Script

SoftBiz Dating Script

Dating Script designed by SoftBiz is also quite popular. It provides all the general features of a dating script to users and also includes an inbuilt gift shop for extra revenue generation. The script is search engine friendly and is optimized for rankings. Location-based searches, the rating of users, messaging and photo and video uploading are all allowed. Extensive control capabilities are also available in the content management system designed for administrators. The script is available for $225.

9. SoftDatePro


The SoftDatePro advance dating software allows the building of dating websites with many complications. The software includes features such as matchmaking, chat messenger, user profiles, location searching, an admin panel with advanced controls including memberships, and a lot more. A regular license for the dating script costs $38 while an extended license costs $190 and the same is available at codecanyon.

10. Dating Dating Dating is an internet dating script that is popular for its ease of use and comprehensive yet customizable features. The script has a responsive design and suits both desktops and mobiles. User features include the photo and video upload with galleries, social network integration, comments, profiles, and google maps.

Administrative features consist of moderating, membership and pricing, multiple language support among many others. For single-use, the script costs € 290. A text-only instant messenger by the company costs an additional € 200 while a messenger with audio/video capabilities costs € 300 more than the base price of € 290. The source code is also available for an extra € 490.

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