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10 things your dog hates

Dog Hates

Things your dog hates: A dog is a big responsibility. Anyone who has decided to make a furry friend should understand that a pet is not a toy. You must take care of her, educate her, and “listen” to her opinion. After all, often, the owners allow themselves to treat the animal as they please.

Even if you do not consider the cruel methods of education or excessive rudeness, dogs still live hard. Their happy owners behave incorrectly; they make mistakes in upbringing, make dogs angry, and lose their temper, and this is very dangerous, especially if the animal is of impressive size.

Perhaps the dog will tolerate it for a while. But one day, her patience will end. The consequences can be the most deplorable.

Here are ten things your dog hates. Remember them and try never to do that again.

1. Absence of regularity and rules

Absence Of Regularity And Rules

Of course, you must educate the dog. It is better if one person will handle her upbringing.

They must understand that they must adhere to certain rules and never change them. Otherwise, the animal will not understand what it means to behave correctly.

For example, if you allow her to sit on the couch today but not tomorrow, the dog will be confused.

Teach her basic commands, and train her daily. Do not forget that the dog needs a system; your furry friend will only please you with good behavior.

2. Walking without the opportunity to sniff and explore the world around

Walking Without The Opportunity To Sniff And Explore The World Around

For a dog, a walk is a holiday. She wants to study the world around her, looks and smells. If you take your dog out for a walk, don’t rush home when he’s already relieved. You don’t go out just for that.

Allow your pet to enjoy their walk. If you don’t like following your dog, invite the dog to play. The animal will gladly accept the offer. Active outdoor games are equally useful for both the animal and its owner.

3. Boredom


Everyone knows that dogs are very loyal animals. They are very attached to their owners and want to spend as much time together as possible.

It was already noted above that you should give the animal attention. If you work a lot, the dog is constantly left alone; it can get boring. In this case, take care of your pet: buy toys for the dog.

There is a large selection of various devices that can entertain your pet. Again, don’t try to buy off the animal. Even if you are busy, give your pet a little time.

4. Explanations with words, not gestures

Explanations With Words, Not Gestures

Dogs do not understand human speech but are very good at reading facial expressions and gestures. An animal can easily recognize what its owner will do if it knows at least a little about its body language.

Learn basic gestures to make it easier for you to communicate with your dog. Don’t try to get through to the dog with words; the dog won’t understand anything.

Try an experiment. Please don’t talk to your dog all day; show her what you want with gestures and facial expressions. You will be surprised, but the animal will understand you much better than usual.

5. When you teased the dog

When Dog Is Teased

Dogs hate when you tease her. At first, you may think that the animal likes this game. You can call her food, but do not give anything, pull her ears or tail, laugh at her pet.

In this case, be prepared that she can take revenge on you. Your dog will no longer trust you, and you will no longer be an authority figure. Even if this does not stop you, the animal will take extreme measures.

The dog is a worthy opponent; it is unlikely that you will be able to cope with it unless it is not a Chihuahua. Even such a miniature animal can bite someone who regularly offends her.

6. When the owner is not paying attention

When The Owner Is Not Paying Attention

Everyone with a pet at home probably knows this when the owner is not paying attention. And it doesn’t need to be a dog.

Everyone likes attention: people, dogs, cats, hamsters, rabbits. Perhaps, dogs are most worried about this; they are very sensitive to the indifference of their owners to their person.

If you have a pet, try to please it with communication. Spend time with your dog; go for a walk. You have a lot of relatives, friends, and just acquaintances in addition to the dog, and she has no one besides you. You are the whole world to her.

7. Hard pull on the leash

Hard Pull On The Leash

For some time, people believed a dog’s neck to be stronger than a human’s. This myth has long been dispelled; the neck structure of dogs and people is identical.

Therefore, a collar and leash are terrible weapons in the hands of a person who does not understand anything about physiology. Hard pulling on the leash causes the dog severe pain.

Leash tension and jerks are the most common causes of neck and throat injuries. No wonder dogs can’t stand it when their owners pull on the leash.

Experienced dog breeders recommend giving up the collar and leash in favor of a harness.

8. When they stroke the face and head

When They Stroke The Face And Head

Dogs are very fond of being petted. Like humans, they need affection and love. Unfortunately, when people get an animal, they don’t think about what needs to be prepared: read books or chat with experienced dog breeders.

Most owners don’t know how to pet their pets. The dog does not like to be stroked or touched on the muzzle. The animal perceives an action from above as a threat.

It is allowed to scratch the muzzle from the side, stroke the chest, stomach, and place at the base of the tail. In any case, do not touch the hind legs or genitals. Animals don’t like it.

Remember, to pet the dog; you should choose the right moment. You need to show your love when the animal is relaxed.

9. When forced to communicate with unloved people and animals

When Forced To Communicate With Unloved People And Animals

People do not think that a dog can also have its own opinion. They love their pets so much that they are ready to show them to all their friends and acquaintances.

They make the dog tolerate hugs and petting from strangers. If the dog size allows, they allow you to take it in your arms.

Sometimes it comes to the point of absurdity. Dog owners try to imitate the hugs of their pets. Have you ever seen animals hug each other at will?

Never violate your dog’s boundaries or allow others to touch her. You don’t know how she’ll react. The dog may get angry, bite, or lash out.

If you still want her to make friends with your friend, watch her behavior. If she doesn’t like the attention of a stranger (she snarls or tries to hide), then leave the acquaintance until next time.

10. Hugs


What could be better than a hug? A hug manifests love and tenderness for a person, but what does the dog think about this?

Unfortunately, people will never know. Based on the research results, it is safe to say that dogs do not like hugging at all.

Scientists conducted an experiment in which they found that 81.6% of animals showed anxiety when their owners tried to hug them. 10.8% of dogs showed indifference, and only 7.6% of animals experienced positive emotions.

Be observant if you want to understand how your dog feels about hugs. If the dog lowers its ears, has a sad look (you can see the white of her eye), or closes her eyes, the animal feels uncomfortable.

Leave “hugs” for loved ones; do not injure your dog’s psyche.

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