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Human beings are likely to change from one quality to another and from one feeling to another depending on their situations. Some of the human values and feelings may not necessarily change to another but rather vanish completely and it will be difficult to be recreated or rebuild. The following are some of the things in human beings in the world that can’t be recreated.

Trusting someone.

This is the act of having confidence or reliance on someone. When you trust someone, it means that you can count on that person at any time and if they trust you back it means a great value of loyalty among yourselves. It takes time and effort to build trust but it takes only second to break the trust. If someone you trust lets you down, the trust will be broken and it will take forever to build back. Therefore, you will never have the heart of trusting the same person.


This is the virtue of being morally upright, truthful and sincere. Being honest is so important in a relationship, organization, and any other setup. In an organization and society where people do not always say the truth and not sincere, there is lack of honesty. For example, in a school where students cheat in exams, there will never be honesty because cheating will always be taken as a norm of passing in examinations.

Mother’s love.

A mother is a superhuman being created by God and love is the best asset of her. A mother is selfless, loving and who sacrifices her needs and want for the needs and wants of her children. She works hard to make sure her children have everything it takes for their survival and growth. This is called Mothers love. A child who grew up without mothers love will always have complicated life and feeling ignored. There is no point in life that this child will receive mothers love even if they find someone to love them, it will never substitute mothers love.

Agreement between two or more people.

An agreement is a negotiated understanding or arrangement between two or more people. When one party breaches the agreement, it means that he/she has self-interest and the other parties will definitely be affected. The affected parties will never enter into an agreement at any time in the future with such person even if it favors them.


This is the capacity of someone to accept delay, suffering or problems without becoming annoyed or anxious. It is good to wait because patience pays but sometimes too much patience without a positive outcome will really demoralize someone. For example, when someone has been waiting for something from someone for two years with expectations of getting it and finally he ends up being duped will kill his morale. That person will never accept to be patient any longer.


A promise is an assurance that you will get something at a particular time. If that person will not get that thing at that time, it means that promise has been broken. A promise means something but sorry means nothing. One will never accept a promise from a breaker even with a thousand promises.

Real love.

This is unconditional love wherein a relationship people love each other beyond limits and expectations. When you get heartbroken for your true love and your love leaves you for someone else, one will never find another true love. You will love but the space of a true love has left a void in your heart and so you will keep on remembering that person even if he/she is long gone and you are in another relationship.


This is an attitude that exists between interpersonal relationships where people put aside their differences and do not judge each other for their individual choices and opinions. In an institution where an employer s are being disrespected, it means that they never admit they are wrong, they do not humble their mistakes, do not apologize, do not present themselves respectively, do not show they are leaders and they do not keep their work. The employees will never respect such employers who do not ever respect themselves because respect starts with self-respect.


This is the quality of being committed to some work. It is when you totally commit yourself to doing the task and restrict yourself from family and leisure because you love the task and you want to finish it well. If such a dedicated person is always being underrated and despised for doing wrong and never motivated, he/she will lose focus. He will just do the job without any hard work and dedication. So despising a dedicate person will never make him dedicated any longer.


Saying what is real is always good than lying. When one lies on a critical issue, he/ she will lack trust from other people and it will affect the one truth of another time. It is taken that some people don’t change but they just find a new way to lie-the truth hurts but a lie cuts deep. So the falsehood of a person will always affect the truth of that person even if it is a very serious one.

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