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10 terrifying monsters from the movies of our childhood


Almost everyone gathered in a circle of friends as a child and told scary stories about terrible monsters or ghosts. It wasn’t easy, but it amused us so much that we didn’t stop doing it.

There are such disgusting monsters from the movies, making you feel uneasy even now! Cult monsters, which are already many decades old, overshadow all modern ideas of horror masters.

Take a look at this selection – you’ve seen these monsters at least once in a movie, after which it was difficult to fall asleep.

These are the ten terrifying monsters from the movies of our childhood.

1. Critters


Critters resemble Gremlins – they are fluffy and seemingly harmless, but in reality, no one can compare their ferocity.…

Furry terrifying creatures that have arrived from outer space pursue one goal-to destroy human civilization. They began their mission with a Kansas farm, where they devoured everything they saw, including residents.…

But there are also brave heroes in space who want to help terrified people. Maybe something can become bloodthirsty little animals.

2. Xenomorphs


Xenomorphs from the movie Alien are another life form, a race of anthropomorphic aliens. They have better intelligence than primates and are sometimes even more intelligent than humans.

Xenomorphs move quickly on their four limbs, can jump and swim, and have very sharp claws that can cut even metal.…

The terrifying creature plunges its long tail into the victim’s body and kills her.

3. Chucky


The first Chucky movie was released in 1988. Some people have a fear of dolls – it’s called pediophobia. But if people are afraid of even cute dolls, what happened to those who watched the movie “Chucky”?

The plot is twisted around a seemingly innocent doll, but only the soul of the craziest maniac lives in it.

Sinister and scary Chucky kills everyone who gets in his way, and with each new episode, he becomes more and more bloodthirsty.

4. Jeepers Creepers

Jeepers Creepers

Jeepers Creepers are bird people; since ancient times, many peoples had myths about an incredible race, and, if we talk about facts, now people receive messages saying they met with bird people. They have gray plumage and a wingspan of up to 4 meters. They are found in Mexico and the Amur region in the warm season.

In the movie Jeepers Creepers, a fun song plays on the radio, which only adds to the horror of the picture. Jeepers Creepers can appear out of nowhere; you can never guess where they will be on the car’s roof or behind you. That’s what scares everyone who watches the movie. You can’t hide from the monster anywhere.

5. Pumpkinhead


The 1988 film Pumpkinhead begins with a group of teenagers riding motorcycles into the mountains. One of them accidentally knocks down a little boy who dies, and his father decides to take revenge.

To do this, Ed Harley turns to a witch for help – the witch says that taking blood from the boy and herself can awaken the Demon of death.

This results in a sinister monster called the Pumpkinhead. The creature looks very plausible; the film’s creators tried to do this.

6. Goblins


In 1984, the film “Goblins” was released; it can hardly be called a horror movie – if it scared us as a child, it definitely wouldn’t shock us now.

It’s more of a comedy horror movie, including elements like an old house, a party, a seance, and goblins.

Goblins are supernatural creatures living in underground caves and do not tolerate sunlight.

Goblins are among the ugliest and most frightening creatures in European mythology, so they are often mentioned in fairy tales and films.

7. Graboids


A Graboid is a fictional creature from the movie Earth Tremors. They are substantial sand-colored worms that live underground.

Their mouth consists of a massive upper jaw, and three huge fangs, allowing you to suck in the victim. Graboids have three tongues that are more like snakes. Sometimes it seems that languages live by themselves and have separate minds.

These creatures have no eyes or paws, but they can quickly move underground, having spikes on their bodies.

They have weaknesses, and only those who identify their weak point – a tongue, a wall-can escape – if the monster crashes into it, it will die. Watching the movie makes you uneasy because you don’t know where and when the Graboid will appear from the ground.

8. Leprechaun


The leprechaun is a character in Irish folklore, and they are portrayed as very cunning and insidious creatures. They love to mislead people, take pleasure in deceiving them, and each has a pot of gold.

By profession, they are shoemakers, they love to drink whiskey, and, if they meet a Leprechaun, they must fulfill any three wishes and show where he hides the gold.

Several parts of the film were shot about Leprechauns, called “Leprechaun”. After watching it, it becomes creepy.

9. The Fly

The Fly

A talented scientist is concerned with the topic of teleportation, and he started by moving inanimate objects in space but decided to conduct experiments with living creatures.

Monkeys participated in his experiments, and the teleportation experience was so successful that he decided to become the subject of the investigation himself.

But, by mistake, a small fly flies into the sterile chamber. The insect changes the scientist’s life forever, becoming a different creature.

“The Fly” is the most excellent horror movie ever; you feel real fear of the monster.

10. Gremlins


Gremlins are the creatures that scared all the kids. In the film, a boy finds a furry animal named Magwai. But it would help if you were careful with it – a stream of sunlight directed at it can kill.

Also, please do not allow the animal to get water and feed it after midnight. What will happen if this is done, it is terrible to imagine.

Cute animals become terrible monsters, and no one can stop them.

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