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10 reasons not to get a husky


Husky is a very popular breed of dog. Those of us who want to have a pet often pay attention to this particular breed. This can be explained by the high intellectual abilities and affectionateness characteristic of representatives of this breed.

However, few people think that starting this cute creature, along with it you make a lot of problems related to the peculiarities of keeping a dog and the nuances of its character.

Here are 10 reasons why you should think several times before bringing a husky into your home.

1. You need to learn how to hide

Need To Learn To Hide

If you still decide to get a husky, then be prepared for the fact that all the shoes in your house, including skates and slippers, will have to hide. Otherwise, all your household members, as well as guests, will have to be content with one shoe at best, because these amazing creatures love to gnaw shoes of all sizes and colors.

Moreover, by making ” caches” throughout the house, you will need to show unprecedented cunning, because huskies are very smart and they can find even the treasure carefully hidden by the owner.

2. You’ll have to love the taste of wool

You'll Have To Love The Taste Of Wool

When bringing a husky to the house, accept that from now on one of the ingredients of each dish will be dog hair. Perhaps you and all your family members will like it, then you will have no reason to worry.

In addition, if you choose in favor of this breed, then you will have to slightly adjust the daily routine by adding a couple of extra hours for vacuuming. Although this will not fix the situation, the silky fur of these beautiful animals will still haunt you throughout the territory of your home.

3. The dog is very thrifty

The Dog Is Very Thrifty

Huskies are very thrifty. Having acquired this dog, be prepared to play pathfinders every day, that is, to find gnawed bones in the most unexpected places of the house. If you try to collect them and put them in a pet’s plate, then a little later the persistent husky will still arrange them at its discretion.

4. They are bad defenders

They Are Bad Defenders

The fact is that many ordinary people call executive dogs smart. In practice, there is a profound difference between these concepts. Huskies are very smart, and they also tend to be analytical, meaning it’s important for them to understand the meaning of the commands given to them.

Therefore, they will never be effective protectors, such as, for example, a rottweiler. The latter can bite the child of the owner if it receives the appropriate command. A husky is capable of reasoning. It does not perceive others through the principle of “master and strangers”. The family and the inner circle of the person who feeds it are also included in the inner circle.

Of course, a large dog is in any case physically superior to a person. In addition, some very faint-hearted individuals, devoid of all knowledge in the field of cynology, can be scared off by the mere sight of this wolf-like beast. Therefore, in extreme situations, the husky will stand up for the owner or its relatives, but for a higher level of protection, these dogs are not suitable.

5. Do you want to change the interior? Get a Husky!

Do You Want To Change The Interior Get A Husky

This cute animal will help you update the wallpaper in the room, change the length of curtains, as well as make a rearrangement. If it gets to toys, small souvenirs, clothes, then here the animal will push you to implement new purchases. After all, everything that falls into its mouth has the property of disappearing without a trace, and then being after some time, but already in an unusable state.

Also, huskies love to spoil the lawn and destroy flower beds, so if you are in particular awe of the exterior of your home, then this breed of dog is not your option.

6. They are very cunning and love to hunt

They Are Very Cunning And Love To Hunt

Be prepared that a husky walking peacefully on a leash can in an instant break off in pursuit of a cat, another dog, a bird, a passing package, etc. In this situation, the best option is to let go of the leash, because otherwise, from a sharp jerk, you can injure the shoulder and elbow joints.

Also, huskies are not averse to hunting other domestic animals. Therefore, if you, in addition to dogs, have a passion for hamsters, kittens, guinea pigs, etc., then be prepared to become a regular customer of pet stores, because they will not stay with you for long.

7. Huskies can’t bark properly

Huskies Can't Bark Normally

Do not rush to attribute this feature to the positive qualities of this breed, thinking that in an apartment building a rarely barking dog will not become the object of the hatred of neighbors. Anyone who has ever heard a husky howl will confirm that the absence of barking is a dubious virtue in this case.

The howl of a dog can be triggered by a randomly heard melody on TV, the light of the moon, or just the right mood. Therefore, when bringing huskies to the house, buy earplugs for yourself and your household.

8. Your dog will wake you up very early

Your Dog Will Wake You Up Very Early

Huskies are ideal for “larks” who love outdoor walks at the crack of dawn in any weather, including a downpour with squally winds and a thirty-degree frost. If you do not count yourself among such extreme athletes, then you will have a hard time with a dog of this breed.

If you still overslept the moment of the walk (did not break down from a prolonged heart-rending howl and annoying hugs), then the husky will hurry to demonstrate the result of your laziness. Therefore, when starting such a dog, immediately prepare a larger pantry scoop. You know, you can’t handle the physiology.

9. They are very sophisticated in their food choices

They Are Very Sophisticated In Their Food Choices

These dogs can not be fed, as they say, leftovers from the common table. Huskies need a balanced diet, which must include high-quality meat, fish, dairy products, fresh vegetables, and fruits. These dogs are not suitable for cheap food, and the most suitable option for them is a premium product.

Despite such fastidiousness in food, huskies are not averse to rummaging in the trash from time to time. But they do this not intending to find food, but simply out of their characteristic mischief and curiosity. If the husky finds something interesting in a pile of garbage, then the owner will soon find this thing on his pillow or in another unexpected place.

10. They are too kind

Too Kind

Perhaps this is the main distinguishing feature of the husky from dogs of other breeds. They will love anyone who shows them even a little tenderness, be it a member of the owner’s family or a stranger. This cutie is adored by children. However, this quality can be a big problem for the husky owner.

Lack of suspicion in a person is considered a deadly defect since excessive trusting of people can lead to the most unfortunate consequences. The same goes for dogs. At the moment of a real threat, it will not be able to execute the command: “Fas”. However, if someone shows clear signs of aggression towards the owner, then the husky, of course, will intercede.

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