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10 questions that you definitely need to ask the employer at the interview


“Sprintally” take care of us and talks about what questions to ask the employer at the interview to make sure that then you will have no problems with the salary. Don’t be afraid to ask, you have the same right as your correspondent. If the employer takes questions from, perceive their hostility and nervous, then think about whether or not to work for him.

1. If the official salary?

“Black” and “grey” salaries is a violation of the law. So if you don’t want to become involved in economic crimes, you ask this question in advance. Moreover, the official salary guarantees that you will not be deceived during maternity leave or sick leave.

2. How many times a month’s pay?

Wages must be paid twice a month: not less than every two weeks. In addition, the date on which the person is paid should be clearly established.

3. Detain the salary?

It would be good before the interview, study the company you want to work. Perhaps one of the former employees wrote on the wage arrears. If you found this information, raise this question during the interview.

Wage arrears illegal, and the employee shall be compensated for each day of delay.

4. What salary will be during and after the trial period?

If the salary during the probationary period less than after it is discrimination.

5. How is the salary paid?

Maybe paid in cash through the cashier or Bankcard. You can get the wages on the card of any Bank, you need to write a letter of not less than 5 working days before the date of payment of wages.

6. Pay for sick leave?

Remember that the employer shall pay the employee sick leave. And he has no right to paid sick days as a vacation, or to issue instead of sick leave without pay.

7. Pay if a holiday?

The employer must pay an employee vacation pay, and at least 3 days before the holiday.

8. Are there penalties?

Fine money of workers are prohibited, so find out in advance: maybe there is a delay of five minutes is deducted from the salary of five thousand.

9. Is there a calculation at dismissal?

The company is required to calculate the worker in a day of dismissal: to pay wages for time worked and compensation for unused vacation.

10. What projects are there now?

You need to ask not only about money (surprised Peeps Jura Dude) but also about the projects which are conducted by the company. Find out if she wins the tenders, whether the plans to expand.

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