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Top 10 most potent animals in the world

most potent animals

The most potent animals globally are not necessarily the largest, as they can be less than 1 mm in size. Don’t believe me? Then get acquainted with our ranking and learn about the discoveries of scientists who presented an impressive list of the most potent living creatures in the world.

We have identified the top 10 indicators, such as the ratio of size, body weight, and weight that an animal can lift or carry on itself. In some cases, the maximum speed of movement, which the animal is capable of, was also considered.

These are the ten most potent animals in the world.

1. Copepod


Copepods are at the top of the list of the most potent animals globally. The dimensions of the copepods are from 1 mm to 1 cm. The copepod has a well-developed musculature, which helps it gain an incredible speed for its size of 6 km / h. In one second, it moves 500 times the length of its body.

The strength that its legs can develop is ten times that of other animals. If a person could run with the same force, his /her speed would be 2,000 km / h! Thus, it is not only the strongest creature on the planet but also the fastest. For scientists, copepods are an object of constant study. Like their incredible locomotion abilities, engineers want to create devices for studying the depths of the sea.

2. Oribatida


The Oribatida is one of the most potent living creatures on Earth. They live in soil where their population is more than a hundred thousand per square meter. These Oribatidas are so small that no one can see them with the naked eye. But despite this, microscopic creatures can lift the weight that exceeds their own 1000 times. Such indicators are equivalent to the fact that a person could lift 80 tons with his size.

3. Dung beetle

Dung Beetle

The dung beetle reveals the three most potent animals in the world. A medium-sized insect lifts a mass that can exceed its weight by 1100 times. If we draw an analogy with a man, this is equivalent to the fact that it could lift six buses filled with people.

The weight of the beetle is no more than 2 grams, and the length of the shell can reach 2.5 cm. Its leading food is manure, which it finds with the sense of smell. The beetle can mold a ball of 50 grams from humus and transfer it to its burrow, the depth of which can be more than half a meter. Such a ball of dung is enough for an insect for about 12 hours.

4. Leafcutter ant

Leafcutter Ant

The leafcutter ant is the fourth most potent animal in the world. It got its name from its ability to process leaves. Ants grind plants into small pieces with powerful jaws, moisten them with their saliva, and lay them in storage. So they prepare the soil for growing mushrooms, which will feed the entire colony. Therefore, leafcutters also have a second name, mushroom ants.

Leafcutter ants are not only very hardworking, organized but also very strong. One such small creature is capable of carrying an object 50 times its weight at a time. Common ants can hold only 20 times their weight.

5. Crocodile


The crocodile is the most potent animal among the reptiles. These giant lizards are more than 4 meters long and have powerful jaws, which bite pressure of more than 2 tons per square inch. The crocodile can bite the body of an adult the first time. The maximum speed that a reptile is capable of pursuing prey on land is 17 km / h.

6. Gorilla


The gorilla is considered the most potent animal in the world from the order of primates. An adult gorilla can reach 2 meters in height and weigh up to 250 kg. The impressive size and well-developed musculature allow the gorilla to lift objects ten times its body weight.

In addition, the animal can deal with such a powerful beast as the tiger. Even though the animal can walk on its hind legs, it prefers to do it on all fours, and this is one reason why gorillas have such trained forelimbs.

7. Crowned eagle

Crowned Eagle

The African crowned eagle is the world’s most potent animal among birds. A natural-born bird has mighty wings with a span of up to 2 meters. The bird has powerful limbs with tenacious claws, in which it carries prey with a weight that exceeds itself by four times. The target of the crowned eagle is animals the size of a monkey or even a tiny antelope.

Winged birds hunt a large animal in pairs: one scares away the prey, and the other attacks. The eagle transfers its prey to the nest, where it eats it completely. If the caught animal turns out to be very large, then the bird tears it apart and takes it to piece by piece to its nest.

8. Tiger


The tiger is the most potent feline animal in the world. The predatory animal has impressive dimensions: it reaches 3.5 meters in length and 300 kg in weight. In pursuit of prey, the animal can reach speeds of up to 65 km / h. Therefore, the tiger is also among the ten fastest animals on earth.

The predator can kill its prey with one blow of its paw. It can carry prey that is twice as heavy. Wild boars, deer, roe deer, moose, buffaloes, and other artiodactyls often fall into the clutches of a formidable tiger.

9. Elephant


The elephant is not only the largest land animal but also the strongest. The weight of the inhabitant of tropical forests and savannas is about 7 tons, and the body length can reach up to 7.5 meters. With its mighty trunk, the animal can lift an object 1.7 times its weight. This unique organ is a well-developed muscular and tendon system. With its help, the elephant can calmly uproot trees, carry logs, and even lift the car into the air, for this giant will not be difficult.

In addition, the elephant can easily lift small objects with the help of its trunk. The maximum speed that the animal is capable of developing is 48 km / h.

10. Grizzly bear

Grizzly Bear

The grizzly bear reveals the ten most influential animals in the world. The formidable predator is one of the largest among its relatives. The body length of a grizzly bear can reach 4 meters and weigh more than 700 kg.

The grizzly bear is also one of the most dangerous animal species that poses a potential threat to humans. And it is not surprising because a bear is not averse to eating meat and can quickly kill an animal larger than it. The grizzly bear can lift objects that are equal to his body weight. When hunting, it can reach speeds of up to 60 km / h.

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