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10 most effective diets in the world


1. Mediterranean diets

Adhering to these types of diets you can eat no more than 1000 kcal a day. Main friends for you is olive oil, lots of vegetables and fruits, lean fish and meat, yogurt. After her not afraid to go to the Mediterranean and show your stunning result.

Mediterranean diet

2. The Bulgarian diet

It will unload your body, as for 3 days we have to eat only one dish – carrots with honey and lemon juice. On the 4th, you can add potatoes with the bread. Diet will help not only to throw off the excess, and adjust your stomach to function properly.

The Bulgarian diet

3. The French diet

This diet is famous for the abundance of food options. You can lose weight on onion soup, Madeleine Gesture or to listen to Pierre Ducane is the only high-protein food. But most importantly remember – you need to eat slowly, like a ritual. In this rhythm we need morale, after all, live in this will have not less than two weeks.

The French diet

4. The Chinese diet

This diet is quite simple, you just need to drink lots of water. But what about salt, sugar, alcohol and bread can for a couple of weeks to forget.

The Chinese diet

5. Indian diet

Going to India, you will see that it is a vegetarian country. And their diet is also aimed at giving up meat. Can you eat dairy products, vegetables, cereals and nuts?

Indian diet

6. Mexican diet

This diet is not for those who have stomach trouble or a heavy physical workload. Here you need to be mentally prepared for what will have the first few days of fasting. But if you’re willing, the result will make you happy.

Mexican diet

7. The Israeli diet

This diet is built on a system of separation of power. The rules are simple, you need to properly combine foods with each other because according to Israeli medics sit in one harmful product. Some people go to Israel, so they picked the most proper diet.

The Israeli diet

8. The Hollywood cookie diet

One of the most popular diets, which I love for quite democratic rules. It’s primary protein, you can eat everything but in small portions. But be sure to drink 2 liters of water a day.

The Hollywood cookie diet

9. Japanese diet

This is quite a strict diet, which you need to adhere to for two weeks. You have to completely eliminate alcohol, sugar, and salt. The effect of the diet lasts for 2 years. The main feature of the diet is that you need to eat with chopsticks.

Japanese diet

10. The English diet

This diet is considered one of the most effective. It is quite hard, but because of it, you can lose up to 15 kg in a month. The diet will include bread, milk, protein and vegetables – small enough to not Deplete the body. The result will remain for long, as the diet is a quite low calorie.

The English diet

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