Biggest bulls: The world has more than a thousand different breeds among cattle, most of which are pets. Many of them do not exceed more than 1.5 meters in growth, and weighing is not gaining more than 750 kilograms. But among them, some species are the truth of the giants and can be comparable to medium-sized elephants.

These are the top 10 biggest bulls in the world.

1. Gaur | Height 2.3 m


Gaur is the largest bull in the world that grows in the withers to 2.3 meters, and the weight gains up to 1.5 tons. In length, the animal body usually does not exceed 3 meters. The horn arched in the form of a crescent grows an average of up to 90 centimeters.

Gaurs are common in dense forests of India, Pakistan, Thailand, and Bangladesh. Wild animals are usually active in the afternoon, but they prefer to lead a nightlife if they fall close to human dwellings. The view is under threat of extinction: in the wild, there are about 20 thousand individuals.

2. Wild yak | Height 2 m

Wild Yak

The wild yak is one of the largest types of bulls in the world. These are the only animal from the genus of real bulls which know how to grunt when not satisfied. The largest yokes grow up to 2 meters in the withers, and in the mass of the body, they can recruit up to 1 ton. Old males reach more than 4 meters long. Long widespread painted with horns, if they are replaced, almost 1 meter will be picked up.

The view of Yak is truly terrible. Distinguished by a manor plate from the relatives of its long, rude wool that hangs and almost completely closes its legs. This animal can be found in the countries of Tibet, Tajikistan, India, and China.

3. Asian buffalo | Height 2 m

Asian buffalo

Asian Buffalo enters the top three largest bulls in the world. The adult Buffalo grows in the withers to 2 meters, and in length – up to 3 meters. The largest animals are capable of weighing about 1.27 tons. Large, long horns of up to 2 meters are endowed with males – they can be completely absent in females or be insignificant. Asian Buffalos can be seen in Nepal, India, Thailand, Cambodia, and Ceylon.

Giants take place, as a rule, in standing reservoirs. They prefer in the morning and evening hours when it is still cool enough. Their nutrition is water vegetation. In the hot time of day, fleeing from the scorching, hot sun, the buffaloes are lying in the swamps. Birds are sitting on the backs of animals and pull ticks and other parasitic insects from them.

4. American Bison | Height 2 m

American Bison

American bison, belonging to the bull tribe, is one of the largest among its relatives. The males grow up to 2 meters, and in length up to 3 meters. The weight of large Bison can reach 1.2 tons. In the United States, Canada, and Mexico, the American bison is found both in the wild and in agriculture.

5. Banteng | Height 2.5 m


Banteng is one of the top ten biggest bulls in the world. The largest animals reach 190 centimeters on the shoulders, and in length 2.5 meters. Bantengs are gaining in weight to 900 kilograms. Banteng has curved horns to 70 centimeters in length.

Banteng dwells on the Borneo Islands and Java, as well as in Southeast Asia. Domesticated bands are common in Indonesia. In nature, Banteng prefers to live with groups in which it can be up to forty females and only one bull. On average, they live no more than 25 years.

6. European bison | Height 2.7 m

European Bison

The European bison took sixth place among the largest bulls in the world. The view is considered the last animal of wild bulls and the largest land mammal in Europe. In the withers, males grow up to 188 centimeters, and the length of the body can reach 2.7 meters. Weigh the bison of the order of 1 ton. The European bison population is located in Spain, Belarus, Ukraine, Slovakia, and Germany.

7. African buffalo | Height 1.8 m

African Buffalo

The African Buffalo is one of the biggest bulls in the world common in Africa. In the withers, large animals are capable of reaching 180 centimeters at a body length of 3.4 meters. Old males can dial up to 1.2 tons in weight. Giants graze from morning to evening and rarely distinguish between reservoirs by more than 4 kilometers, as they experience a regular need for fluid.

During the day, the African buffalo drinks up to 40 liters of water. Even though these animals are endowed with thick skin, which reaches 2 centimeters, they are very much suffering from insect bites. Birds help to get rid of blood-sucking parasites, which are sitting on the back of the buffaloes, and pull out pests.

8. Kouprey | Height 1.8 m


The Kouprey is an extinct view that belonged to the biggest bulls in the world. The growth of the adult bull reached 180 centimeters in the withers, and the bodyweight was about 800 kilograms. The horns of large males crossed up to 80 centimeters.

This species was poorly studied by people since these guards preferred a secretive lifestyle in the Tropical Forests of Asia. A distinctive feature of males from females was a big, long block of hanging wool in the neck.

9. Chianina | Height 1.9 m


Chianina is one of the biggest homemade breed of bulls from Italy. The biggest bull reaches 1.8 meters in the withers, and the mass gains up to 1 ton and more. As a rule, Chianina bulls have white or cream color. Large pitfall animals have a well-developed muscular mass. They are incredibly strong and powerful, so in the way, the furious Chianina is better not to come across.

Nevertheless, this animal does not have an aggressiveness, on the contrary, concerning people they are very good-natured. The record-holder among the breed was a bull nicknamed Donetto, weighing 1700 kg with an increase of 190 cm.

10. Aurochs | Height 1.8 m


Aurochs ends the list of the biggest bulls in the world. The species is considered a progenitor of cattle. Aurochs were extinct in the 17th century due to the raging epidemic, which they were subject. These were quite massive and large animals that were reached in the withers 180 centimeters, and in the weight gain up to 800 kilograms. The closest relatives of the Aurochs are considered to consider the Vatussi breed, derived in Africa. Vatussi’s relatives are distinguished by massive and very long horns that are capable of growing up to 1.8 meters and weighing 100 kilograms.

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