What are the 10 best free calling apps?

free calling apps

We are in an era of internet invasion and voice calling via a network has been out of fashion. Let us see which are the best free calling apps


We know FacebookMessenger as an app to send the instant message, but it has the facility to do voice and video calling. This app is available for any kind of platforms such as Android, Linux, windows, and blackberry phone along with iPhones.


Google duo is a facility launched by Google in recent times. According to the company, Google duo integrates itself with the regular call log of your phone. It is available in google play store as well as its devices.


WhatsApp is a well-known app, who has updated itself for voice calls as well as video call after the takeover by Facebook. It is available for all platforms. It has web version too. Overall it is a free communication app. It supports the entire Android version of 14 and above.

  1. IMO

IMO is an app, which allows chatting, voice as well as video calling. It allows you to message and call under 2G, 3G, 4G or at Wi-Fi connections. It is available for Android and iPhone. You can share videos and photos instantly.


Hangout is a product of Google which allows calling and chatting. You can download the app from App Store. Hang out integrates the chat with google contacts.

  1. VIBER

Viber is a free messenger which can be used to call too. The official site of Viber says that they satisfy 800 million users. Viber is an Android app.


Signal Private Messaging is a special messenger who ensures the privacy of your messages. It is available for Android and iPhone.

  1. TANGO

Tango is an app that allows you to do international as well as domestically instantly as free. It allows free calls to any number in US, Canada, Mexico, and India.


Does your internet eat all your battery for making a call? Rebtel is the solution for you. Rebtel app allows you to make free international calls.


Dingaling is an app similar to WhatsApp or IMO which allows messaging as well as calling free, but it allows you to do calls to mobile too. It allows calling by integration with any VoIP program.