The sound is the first thing facing the person appearing on the light. And the last thing he hears, leaving the world. And between the first and second is whole life. And all of it built on the noises, tones the saber, the roar of the music, in General, a complete cacophony of sounds.

1. Their level is measured in decibels (dB). 

The maximum threshold for human hearing (when there is already pain) is the intensity at 120-130 decibels. And death comes at 200.
Normal conversation is approximately 45-55 dB.
The sounds in the office 55-65 dB.
The noise on the street — 70-80 dB.
Motorcycle with a silencer 85 dB.
A jet plane at the start makes a noise at 130 dB.
And the rocket — from 145 dB.

2. Sound and noise are not the same. 

Although common people think so. However, for professionals between the two terms — a big difference. The sound is vibration, perceived by the senses of animals and humans. And the noise is a chaotic mix of sounds.

3. Our voice in the recording is different because we hear “not the ear.”

It sounds strange, but it is. And the thing is that when we say something perceived your voice in two ways — using external (auditory canal, eardrum and middle ear) and internal (through the tissues of the head, which enhance low-frequency voice). And while listening with the parties involved only the outer channel.

4. Some people can hear the sound of rotation of his eyeballs.

As well as your breathing. This is due to the defect of the inner ear when the sensitivity is increased beyond normal.

5. The sound of the sea, which we hear through a seashell,

In fact, just the sound of blood flowing through our blood vessels. The same noise can be heard by attaching the ear to a regular Cup. Try it!

6. The deaf can hear.

Only one example of this: the famous composer Beethoven, as you know, was deaf, but he could create great works. How? He listened … with his teeth! The composer put the end of the cane to the piano and pinched the other end in his teeth – so the sound reached the inner ear, which the composer had was completely healthy, unlike the outer ear. ear.

7. The sound can turn into light. 

This phenomenon is called “sonoluminescence”. Occurs if water, drop the resonator, creating a spherical ultrasonic wave. In the phase of rarefaction waves due to the very low-pressure cavitation bubble occurs, while growing, and then in the compression phase quickly collapses. At this point in the center of the bubble occurs blue light.

8. “A” is the most common sound in the world. 

It is in all languages of our planet. And all in the world there are about 6.5–7 thousand. Most people speak Chinese, Spanish, Hindi, English, Russian, Portuguese and Arabic.

9. The norm is when one hears the loud conversational speech

From a distance of at least 5-6 meters (if it is a low tone). Or at 20 meters with colors elevated. If you can’t hear what they say from a distance of 2-3 meters should be checked by an audiologist.

10. We may not notice that we lose our hearing.

Because the process takes place, as a rule, not simultaneously, but gradually. And at first, the situation can still be corrected, but the person does not notice that “something is wrong” with him. And when the irreversible process begins, nothing can be done.

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