Hijab in Islam: The beauty of a Muslim woman is innermost. That is why Allah the highest ordered to wrap this sacred beauty in clothing so that it was only for special people.

Hijab hides not only female beauty but also conceals many advantages, including:

1. The Satisfaction Of Allah Most High. The most important goal that the most sincere Muslim and Muslim woman strives for is the satisfaction of Allah. The believer does everything with the highest in mind. And by fulfilling His injunction in the form of a hijab, a Muslim woman embodies one of her main desires, becoming closer to Allah and his contentment. And in the contentment of Allah is the happiness of both worlds.

2. Hijab protects your beauty. A woman is created beautifully by the Almighty, who has endowed her with such beauty that should not be displayed for all to see. The Muslim woman-as the most precious, as the most valuable, must be protected, as well as her beauty. So it becomes valuable because it attracts the beauty of the soul, not the body.

3. Hijab protects chastity. Adultery is one of the most serious sins, and it leads to a step-by-step deviation from the commandments of Allah and approaching the forbidden. The hijab identifies the Muslim woman and her position in relation to relations with the opposite sex, thereby protecting her from unnecessary sinful interaction.

4. through the hijab, Allah purifies the soul and thoughts of a woman. The hijab is not just a garment, it dictates the way of life and thoughts. A Muslim woman in a hijab tries to live up to it.

5. Allah through the hijab adorns the external and internal composure of a Muslim woman.

6. Allah defines your femininity. Allah Almighty wants a woman to be respected and a woman to respect herself.

7. Allah increases the dignity of a Muslim woman. Through the hijab, a Muslim woman knows her own value and does not flaunt what others see. Men are not attracted to the appearance of a woman and they perceive her exclusively as a person, not a sexual object.

8. Allah protects your honor. For men, their desires are natural, and if a woman does not cover herself, she will provoke men. The hijab does not allow this.

9. Allah grants nobility to a woman through the hijab. It does not seek to expose and attract people in this way, it knows its own value and does not show itself to everyone.

10. Hijab shows only the beauty that can be shown to others. He does not hide beauty but shows it equally in the amount prescribed by the Almighty.

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